Garth Brooks Tour Adds More Chicago Shows

Garth Brooks’ world tour is adding more dates as preparations ramp up for one of the most anticipated comebacks in music history.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, the country star is planning on adding more tour dates in the Windy City, giving Chicago multiple dates to catch his opening act on a tour that will bring him back to the masses who adored him for decades and also to a newer audience that may not remember what it is like to hear a brand new Garth Brooks track come on the radio.

Here is what the magazine had to say about the additional dates on the Garth Brooks tour:

“Garth Brooks has added six more shows to his September run in the Windy City, making for a total of ten concerts at Allstate Arena, spread out between September 4-6 and September 11-14. Tickets went on sale Friday at 10:00 a.m. CT for the first four shows, and six new concerts were added before 2:00 p.m.

“‘As an entertainer, you get asked a lot, “What are the best cities to play?” Without hesitation, I rattle five or six of the best places to play and that list always includes Chicago,’ says the country superstar. ‘It is the perfect city to launch the world tour!'”

The magazine notes that other tour dates have yet to be announced, though it is expected that the country music legend will have several shows in cities doting North America and if his past crowds are any indication, he could sell out many if not all of those shows.

To help kick off media about the Garth Brooks tour, the artist has released a new single from his upcoming album and has been doing media interviews with select outlets.

But the road to launching the tour has not been without hiccups. Brooks had wanted to return to Ireland for multiple shows, but could not get officials in the nation to issue permits for some of the dates he wanted to perform. So he pulled the rug out on all of the shows and as a result, The Guardian is saying that the cancellation of Garth Brooks’ tour in the country may hurt the economy.

“The estimated loss to the city is said to be around €50m (£39m), including ticket refunds for 400,000 fans, the cost of empty hotel rooms and missed spending on food and drink.

“David McWilliams, the economist who predicted the crash in Ireland’s property boom, said: ‘This is a huge global industry and we could be getting a little bit of it. Giving in to a few nimby agitators is not the way to go. We have a giant stadium – use the bloody thing.

“‘The business is now international so it’s also part of the tourist industry and this type of mess from promoters, council and residents (all at fault in some measure) will clearly imply a doubt over big events in Irish stadiums.'”

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[Image via Flickr Creative Commons]