Weird Al Tour? Comic Addresses Rumors

He may have the number one album in the country right now (per Us Weekly), but does that mean Weird Al Yankovic is bringing the show on the road?

The comic addressed rumors of a possible Weird Al tour during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, and said a tour was likely, though probably not this year. Here’s what he had to say about a Weird Al tour:

“I made the decision to take this entire year off the road. But next year we’re going back on the road with a vengeance for the Mandatory Tour. Touring is exhausting for me. We do five or six cities a week because we’re paying for the bus and everyone’s salaries. I live in the back of the bus and physically save up my energy for the show. The rest of the band and crew has hotel rooms, but I just live in the back of the bus and watch satellite TV and surf online.”

Weird Al’s decision to take some time off in the midst of his most successful album to date is sure to disappoint fans who were hoping to take in live renditions of his parodies “First World Problems” and “Tacky.”

But for the comedian-parody singer, he acknowledged that the road is tough and elsewhere in the Rolling Stone piece, he also addressed his marriage and family life, showing a different side of the man many probably expected to stay a lifelong bachelor.

“I hadn’t even seen her, but I already had a major crush. She was asking me all these questions about my life and I said, ‘You can just watch my VH1 Behind The Music tomorrow.’ I guess we did get married a little late in life, but neither one of us had been married before and neither of us intends to be married again. The Behind The Music made too much of a big deal out of the fact that I was pushing 40 and still single. I wasn’t upset about it at all. I enjoyed being single. But when I got married I found I was even happier, and when I had a kid I was even happier, still.”

Should the Weird Al tour become a reality, it is probably a safe bet that the king of parody will bring his wife and daughter along, at least for part of the tour, don’t you think?

And tell us… how excited are you about the prospect of a new Weird Al tour? Will you buy tickets?

[Image via Flickr Creative Commons]