Beyonce and Jay Z Divorce: Is Sex Tape Rumor Putting More Strain On Their Marriage?

Beyonce and Jay Z just can’t seem to shake the rumors that they’re on the verge of filing for divorce.

According to the latest divorce report, a sex tape from Jay Z’s past is making it even harder for Beyonce to put up a fight as her marriage allegedly falls apart. Celeb Dirty Laundry claims that Bey and Jay are trying to “carefully dismantle the mess” that is their marriage, which is certainly no easy task. However, rumors about Jigga’s rumored cheating, side chicks, and past loves might make Beyonce more resolute to follow through with her divorce plan (if it actually exists).

Celeb Dirty Laundry writes that the latest chick getting under Beyonce’s skin is yet another female musician:

“Beyonce is beyond furious over a rumor that Jay made a sex tape with a rapper named Carmen Bryan (Nas’ Baby Mama) back in 2000. Obviously this was a few years before he and Bey got together but you better believe that Steve Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment is praying that this tape exists.”

Jay Z is allegedly insisting that the sex tape doesn’t exist, but it doesn’t sound like Beyonce would care if it failed to surface. If the rumors are to be believed, she’s simply had enough and is ready to walk away as soon as the “On the Run” tour is over. However, some tabloids can’t wait that long and are claiming that Bey will pull the plug even sooner.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, a source recently told Celeb Dirty Laundry that Jay Z and Beyonce had what appeared to be a wedding ring-free “breakup dinner” at Chicago Cut Steakhouse. They allegedly squabbled, and Jay Z ignored Beyonce for most of the meal.

However, other reports painted a picture of a happy couple that looks very far from divorce. According to E! Online, another insider said that Jay and Bey “looked happy” while they sipped on rosé wine. They were spotted laughing together while Blue Ivy bounced around their booth. Only Beyonce, Jay Z, and those at the restaurant who actually saw the couple know which of these two very different versions of events is true.

If that sex tape with Carmen Bryan actually exists, Beyonce shouldn’t let it play a part in the demise of her marriage. Kanye West has proved that love can truly conquer all, even an embarrassing “home movie.” Bey and Jay might argue or get jealous and angry occasionally, but these are problems that most couples endure. Even if Beyonce and Jay Z were spotted cussing each other out in public, fans shouldn’t expect them to file for divorce the very next day.

Vox actually got a professor who teaches a Rutgers University class called “Politicizing Beyonce” to weigh in on the divorce rumors. The lecturer, Kevin Allred, had something very interesting to say about reports claiming that Beyonce’s song lyrics are signs of marital trouble:

“The way her image is managed is unreal… That [hint of infidelity in “Resentment” ] would never be the way she decided to tell everyone [that her marriage was over]. When it comes to Beyoncé’s private life, we never see something as it’s happening. We wouldn’t know about it.”

Allred went on to say that Jay Z and Beyonce have been “playing characters of themselves” during their “On the Run” tour. But this claim is a bit confusing: Are Jay and Bey pretending to be a happy couple, or they pretending to be a couple on the verge of divorce pretending to be a happy couple?

What do you think: Will the couple continue being “crazy in love,” or will Beyonce and Jay Z prove the tabloids right by getting a divorce as soon as the “On the Run” tour is over?

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