Deadpool Arrested, Cosplayer Suspected As A Terrorist For His Guns, Swords, And Grenades

A Deadpool cosplayer was arrested by police because people were getting nervous about all the swords, ammunition, grenades and firearms he was carrying. Of course, you would have thought people would have realized he was not about to start any shenanigans because he was also carrying a tray of cupcakes intended for a charity event he was going to later that day.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, if a Deadpool movie were to come out it’d have to fix the mess created by X-Men Origins: Wolverine. But it should be possible, and the rumors do say the movie is in the works

Reuben Rose is the name of the cosplayer dressed up as Deadpool. He was traveling via train to a children’s hospice called Westmead Children’s Hospital’s Bear Cottage as part of a fundraising campaign called Superhero Week when another commuter got nervous and dialed triple-0 (which is 911 in Australia). The not so deadly Deadpool was surrounded by police wearing bulletproof vests, although fortunately no one got hurt, according to Rose’s Facebook post:

“[And] now I’ve been pulled off the train. By police. Someone on the train was convinced I was a terrorist in a unitard.”

The police inspected Deadpool’s arsenal of weapons, which included “imitation guns strapped to his legs, bullet cartridges on his chest, grenades hanging from his waist and two samurai swords poking out of his duffel bag.” You would have think the other commuter would have noticed the red rose the man carried in his teeth, especially since he was spotted on the train dancing with the ladies.

Deadpool Weapons

Regardless, police quickly realized all these “weapons” were plastic replicas and did not charge the man with any crime or misdemeanor. They just asked for Deadpool to be a good boy and keep all his naughty stuff hidden away in a bag in order to prevent confusion from other passengers.

Deadpool Cupcakes