Homeless Men Arm Wrestle For $100, Prankster Shocked By How The Contest Ended [Video]

Homeless Men Arm Wrestle For $100, Prankster Shocked By How The Contest Ended [Video]

When two homeless men arm wrestled each other for the chance at winning $100, even the YouTube video group calling itself Model Pranksters was shocked by the “most inspiring” ending.

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What surprised prankster Coby Persin the most was that the winner of the arm wrestling contest decided to split his winnings with the loser. “I know how it is, man,” one of the homeless men said. “Feed the needy, not the greedy.” Persin was inspired by the touching moment and decided to give $100 each to both homeless men, saying:

“This is like one of the most inspirational things I’ve ever seen. You just won $100, you gave it to him, you don’t even know him, and you’re helping him when you don’t even have a lot yourself.”

But some YouTube comments claimed the video must be a hoax and the entire thing was scripted from the get-go. For evidence, the YouTube users pointed out how Persin had two $50 bills in his wallet in addition to more $100 bills. Since Persin chose to offer the two $50 bills it’s claimed he made it appear natural to easily split the winnings.

Persin denies these accusations and told The Blaze there was “nothing scripted about the video”:

“These guys were the first ones we chose. When something special and unique happens, people always say ‘fake.’ It’s a new thing on YouTube to call every video fake.”

The reason Persin had the extra $100 bills in his wallet is because he had originally planned on arranging several homeless arm wrestling matches in order to ensure he got at least one good video. But when the first take turned out to be a perfect ending, he decided to empty his wallet.