Demi Lovato Signs On As The New Face Of Skechers

Demi Lovato is shaking things up once again, this time signing on to become the latest face of the popular brand, Skechers.

According to MTV, Demi has signed on as the new face of Skechers through 2016. The "Really Don't Care" singer has been making news quite a lot as of late, and for a change, it's pretty much all been positive news!

Demi has been stepping out in the world, attempting to spread messages of positive attitudes and acceptance. One way she has attempted to do this is through her recent hit song, "Really Don't Care." In a recent report by The Inquisitr, Demi reportedly transformed her break up anthem into a song about not caring what other's think as long as you accept yourself. Demi reportedly told E! Online:

"When I originally wrote it, it was a breakup song. But now I have sung it so many times that it kind of no longer has a significance in that sort of way. When I sing it, I always want to inspire and empower. I thought what other people could relate to really not caring what people think. I thought of bullies and the LGBT community who are constantly scrutinized."

With all the positive publicity surrounding Demi Lovato, is it really any surprise that she was asked to be the new face of Skechers? According to the Wall Street Journal, Michael Greenberg, president of Skechers, listed the singer's unique personality as one of many reasons why they wanted her to become the face of their company's global marketing and social media campaign through 2016.

"With her amazing voice, distinct style, and unique personality, Demi Lovato represents everything we look for in a Skechers star. Demi's talent certifies her position as a pop music superstar as well as a powerful influencer with millions of fans around the globe. We expect her Skechers campaign will at the very least match the success and reach that Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Carrie Underwood previously brought to our brand."

So what was the motivation behind Demi Lovato's acceptance of the contract with Skechers? MTV reported that it was nostalgia:

"My generation grew up with Skechers and now with all of their cool styles and fun colors I'm excited to help introduce the collection to a new generation by sharing this incredible brand's campaign with my Lovatics!"

Demi Lovato is expected to appear in both television and print ad campaigns later this year.

[Image via Demi Lovato Instagram]