Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ Eyes Joaquin Phoenix For Starring Role

A few weeks certainly changes a lot in the Marvel universe. Marvel has been trying to find their perfect leading man for the Doctor Strange film and it looks like that might be able to land a pretty big name. After months of rumors that the role was ping-ponging between Jared Leto and Johnny Depp, Joaquin Phoenix has entered the race as a strong contender. Odds are if Phoenix wants it, he can score the coveted role of Doctor Strange.

According to The Wrap, on the heels of many Comic-Con announcements that are going down in San Diego, buzz is swirling that Joaquin might be on his way to finalizing a contract as Marvel attempts to get all of their ducks in a row for Doctor Strange.

Although representatives for Marvel and Phoenix didn’t give The Wrap legs to stand on, insiders say that there’s a big possibility that Joaquin will end up with the role. The actor hasn’t entered a formal agreement yet, but if talks persist, this might be a reality in the Marvel universe.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Joaquin Phoenix’s name has been attached to a project in the superhero universe. At one point there was a real possibility that he was going to play Lex Luthor in Warner Bros. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but we saw how well that one turned out.

Even though we don’t have a lot of details about these talks that Joaquin Phoenix is having about Doctor Strange, it wouldn’t be too hard to see him make the switch into blockbuster territory. Phoenix has always been a huge presence in darker projects that are more in the independent realm than anything else. These no frills roles has put Phoenix in the position to pick and choose different projects that are more character-driven than anything else. That said, prior success in these roles also puts him in the unique position of teetering on to the edge of mainstream like he did previously with Walk The Line and Signs.

If he decides he really wants to go for Doctor Strange he wouldn’t be the first independent actor to make this transition. Indie thespian Mark Ruffalo was a highly acclaimed actor who really put himself out there in The Avengers as The Hulk. Although neither actor is hurting for roles, there is something to be said about the visibility and opportunities that superhero films are bringing to the most unlikely of stars.

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