‘Teen Mom’ Star Kailyn Lowry Is Not Happy Seeing A Heavier Self on TV

Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry never thought that she would have a second child within a few years of having her first son, Isaac, at the age of 16. She wanted to focus on herself, her career, and taking care of him. But she wanted a partner to help her out. On the show, she found love.

Within a few years, she had fallen in love with Javi Marroquin, was pregnant with her second child, and was planning her big wedding. And while Lowry was going through these life changes, she was filming the newest season of Teen Mom. On the season premiere this past week, fans of the show met Kailyn Lowry's new son.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry was upset with how she looked on the show. She had just given birth, but she wasn't pleased with her body. During the episode, she tweeted, "Watched the clip of tonight's episode and all I can think is that I'm so glad I started workin out. Ya girl has been big for too long. Haha."

Lowry gained about 50 pounds during her second pregnancy, which is a significant amount. However, she is determined to lose the weight. Kailyn has shared various tweets and pictures of her hardcore workout routine. She has been running and burning calories on a daily basis. Kailyn Lowry is determined to get her weight down to her pre-pregnancy weight. She has the full support of her husband Javi and her children. She has been able to get some workout time into her busy schedule.

Of course, Kailyn isn't the only one who had her baby while under contract with MTV. Kailyn Lowry chose to give birth to Lincoln when the cameras were not around, but The Inquisitrcovered the news when the birth happened. The other Teen Mom stars who have had children include Leah Calvert, who gave birth to a third daughter last year, and Jenelle Evans, who gave birth to her second son a couple of weeks ago.

Chelsea Houska is the only woman on the second installment of the show that has not gotten pregnant for the second time. She has had some pregnancy scares, which were filmed by MTV. Surprisingly, none of the original Teen Mom stars have had more children. But Kailyn Lowry may have her reasons for losing the weight. Not only does she want to be healthy, but she is also planning a career in television and media, so she may be in front of the cameras for years to come.

Do you think Kailyn Lowry will lose the baby weight by staying active?

[Image via DailyMail]