‘Star Wars: Rebels’: New Clips Released At San Diego Comic-Con

The release of Star Wars: Rebels is right around the corner, and a new trailer released at San Diego Comic-Con will no doubt keep fans on the edge of their seats until the Disney era of the franchise officially begins.

Star Wars: Rebels takes place in the interim between episodes III and IV, bridging the time period between the original trilogy and the prequels. Rebels focuses on a spaceship crew fighting back against the Galactic Empire, yet as io9 reports, there won’t be a fully formed Rebel Alliance in the series, at least for a while.

Star Wars: Rebels producers Simon Kinberg and Dave Filoni explained during their Comic-Con panel that the Rebellion didn’t form as an immediate reaction to the Empire:

“The people of the galaxy are tired of war, and many see the Empire as a new form of order replacing the former chaos of the Clone Wars; that’s how they’ve achieved an unquestioned control of the galaxy. The Jedi, on the other hand, are viewed as failures and traitors to the Empire, something that is bound to be a problem for our renegade Jedi Kanan and his apprentice Ezra.”

Filoni, in particular, expressed his excitement to see familiar elements that fans will recognize from the original films. “There’s something about what you grew up with. It’s exciting to see the Stormtroopers come to life,” he said, adding that he was particularly thrilled to see a brand new shot featuring a Star Destroyer.

As The Inquisitr has previously reported, actor Freddie Prinze Jr. leads the cast of Rebels as Jedi Master Kanan Jarrus, while Jason Issacs has been tapped to fill the role of the Inquisitor, a lightsaber-wielding Jedi hunter. Dave Filoni, Simon Kinberg, Vanessa Marshall, Taylor Gray, Tiya Sircar, and Steve Blum have all been cast in Rebels, and participated in the Comic-Con panel as well, according to Newsarama.

Filoni also pointed out that the art design of Rebels would set it apart from the Star Wars sequel trilogy, the first of which is currently in production:

“Killian Plunkett and I — we loved playing in the Clone Wars area. But we sat down one day and drew Stormtroopers and TIE Fighters and it was just like ‘man, we’re drawing Stormtroopers!’ It’s really special seeing these things come to life again. All our vehicles are moving toward the Ralph MacQuarrie versions of things — that makes it different from the movies that are coming out.”

Pointing out that many of his crew worked on the prior Star Wars animated series, Clone Wars, Filoni added “there’s no fatigue there. We fought the Clone Wars and now we’re leading the Rebellion!”

Star Wars: Rebels will be released in October 2014.

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