Maroon 5 Adam Levine's Wife Behati Prinsloo Reveals Jitters

By now we have covered a ton on Maroon 5 crooner Adam Levine's wedding to Behati Prinsloo. As you may know, it was a star-studded event with the likes of Jonah Hill officiating the wedding and Stevie Nicks as an impromptu musical guest. That said, there hasn't been much attention on Levine's new wife Behati Prinsloo. Sure we know that she wore a spectacular Marchesa dress for the event, but what about her day job?

There's no doubt that it must be intimidating being the lady behind the Maroon 5 frontman, but it sounds like Behati had practice handling the stress and pressure in different situations for work. Prinsloo is a model for Victoria's Secret, and she has revealed that even her day job can be a bit intimidating. Being in the spotlight, whether you're arm candy for a mega star like Levine, or in a fashion show, isn't easy.

Behati Prinsloo-Levine opened up in an interview with The Edit about the first time she stepped out on to the catwalk for a show. Surprisingly, she didn't feel like much of a star, but instead felt out of her element. The model, who came on to the scene in 2009 said, "I was so nervous in the beginning. You're in your underwear in front of all these staring people. "

Thankfully Behati doesn't have too many embarrassing experiences to call on:

'Thankfully, I've never fallen over or had a [wardrobe] malfunction. I don't have a good story about falling on my face."

Although now she's a successful model, she admits that she didn't exactly know much about the culture when she was growing up. "These pretty girls are actually doctors, right? I didn't even know about Kate Moss."

So how exactly did the model get started? Well, a trip to Cape Town in South Africa changed it all when she was approached by an agent scout at a supermarket. Soon after she found herself moved into Cape Town with six other models.

"It was the best time. I can't believe my parents let me do it, because my dad is strict. But later he told me, ''I let you go because it was a chance to see the world. We [couldn't] give you the opportunity to travel; you [had to] experience life outside."

As for her fun-filled wedding to the Maroon 5 singer sources told Peoplethat the July 19 Cabo wedding went off without a hitch. Jonah Hill was reportedly "funny, charming, and very sentimental" as the couple's officiate.

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