Niall Horan On One Direction's Success: 'We’re Still The Same Five Idiots'

Todd Rigney

Niall Horan and One Direction have enjoyed an incredible amount of success over the past four years. However, the singer insists that the group hasn't changed a bit.

When faced with international superstardom, some people go through a very odd transformation. Heads begin to swell, egos rampage out of control, and the little things are cast aside in the never-ending quest for fortune and glory. While the story may ring true for some groups, Horan insists this hasn't happened to One Direction.

According to the Irish Mirror, Niall recently discussed the band's success with the folks at Top of the Pops magazine. Although the fellas are swimming in a sea of success these days, Horan doesn't think they've changed one bit.

The singer told the publication:

"We're still the same five idiots from three years ago.... We spend every day together. We have a good time on the road and obviously it's so important that we all get along or it won't work. There could have easily been one person who didn't get on with anyone, who nobody liked but it wasn't like that. The relationship that's grown with these four boys that I didn't even know three years ago is absolutely insane and it's incredible. I'm very lucky that I get to spend so much time with them."

Niall Horan also used his chat with Top of the Pops to address rumors that he's thinking about leaving One Direction behind for a solo career. The singer insists he isn't going anywhere, and that the group is stronger than ever.

Horan continued:

"I'm all good, I'm 100 per cent in this band. I still want to be touring with One Direction in 10 years. I'll be doing it until I'm old and people tell me to stop. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the music. If the music stops being strong then every else goes away."

One thing Niall Horan chose not to discuss with the magazine was his rumored relationship with Danish tennis star Caroline Wozniacki. Fans started to wonder about a possible romance after the two posed for a photograph together during Niall's trip to Wimbledon earlier this summer. According to Wozniacki's friend, Laura Robson, the tennis player is pretty smitten with Horan. Aren't we all?

Niall and Caroline @NiallOfficial @CaroWozniacki

— Julie Dalsgaard (@julie_dalsgaard) July 24, 2014

Robson explained:

"Caroline's the biggest fan [of Niall]. She was so excited and happy [to meet Niall] and thinks he's adorable. I have set up something beautiful."

Are you glad that Niall Horan and the One Direction fellas are still the same five idiots from the early days? Do you think Horan is dating Caroline Wozniacki?

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