Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ Garners Goes Triple Platinum As Miley Dishes Out Some Weird Steps In His Latest Video

Pharrell Williams is one busy star indeed. Ever since he shot to immense fame owing to his ‘Happy’ album, the music sensation hasn’t looked back. Despite the phenomenal response to his album, it appears he still has a lot of things to look forward too.

The star’s ‘Happy’ song, which featured in the hit animation movie Despicable Me 2, has been going crazy around the world, with people across the globe recreating the music album in their own unique style. However, apart from the astounding emotional response, the song has proved to be a commercial success as well. The song became only the fourth single to reach triple platinum status in almost two decades.

Clearly proving the trend that music compositions developed for animation movies have raced past dedicated productions, Pharrell Williams’ hit ‘Happy’ has brought immense joy to his music bosses by pulling off an uncommon sales feat. Garnering an astounding sales total of more than 1.8 Million is referred to as going ‘Triple Platinum’ in the music industry, and it is one of the rarer feats that very few artists have achieved.

The only other singles to sell 1.8 million were Will Young’s ‘Anything Is Possible’/ ‘Evergreen,’ Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl’ and the biggest-selling UK single of all times, Sir Elton John’s ‘Candle In The Wind 1997’/ ‘Something About The Way You Look Tonight’, reported The Guardian.

Pharrell Williams’ composition was first featured on the soundtrack to the movie Despicable Me 2, then topped the singles chart in December and has not left the top 20 this year. Interestingly, BPI (British Recorded Music Industry) incorporated data for online streaming into its sales awards earlier this month. By its own admission, 100 plays on legitimate services are judged to be the equivalent of one sale.

Happy has notched up more than 25 million legitimate streams, which according to BPI is equivalent of 250,000 sales – This figure helped ‘Happy’ to race past the 1.8 million barrier.

Notwithstanding the success, the artist was already engrossed in new single, “Come Get It Bae”, which was released yesterday. Incidentally, the new video features eclectic performer Miley Cyrus, and as is her norm, she dishes out some quite funky and downright silly dance steps including high kicks and ballet-like moves, reported the NY Daily News.

While Cyrus is featured on the song and appears in the video, the clip actually centers on Pharrell holding a dance audition, with a group of diverse women taking turns on the dance floor. The video begins with the quote, “Beauty has no expiration date.”

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