Elizabeth II – Queen of the Photobomb

Royal Photobomb

Queen Elizabeth II took photobombing to a royal level today at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Australian field hockey star Jayde Taylor decided to take a quick selfie with a pal, hoping to capture the Queen herself in the frame. According to Taylor, the photo was planned by Taylor and her friend, who situated themselves by a door which they knew the Queen would be using. Taylor was simply trying to get a picture of herself with the Queen in it. The Queen herself, though, upped the ante royally, shocking the girls (and the world) by her willing participation in it, elevating the picture to what may be the most epic photobomb in history.

Taylor quickly posted the photograph to Instagram, commenting “Ahhhhh the Queen photo-bombed our selfie!”

Indeed, looking at the picture, it seems certain from Queen Elizabeth’s direct eye contact with the camera and her wide smile, that she was very aware of what she was doing at the moment the picture was snapped. The photo gives a rare glimpse into what may be a more mischievous side of the Queen, who gives interviews only rarely and is known more for her distinctive but decidedly conservative style of dress and strict adherence to formality and royal protocol.

According to the BBC, several other athletes also posted pictures with Queen Elizabeth in the background, claiming them to be royal photobombs, but none of them display the same level of awareness from the Queen that Taylor’s photo does.

Despite her personality being a relative unknown, Queen Elizabeth remains a very popular figure in the world, endeared to the hearts of the British, despite of (and perhaps because of) her privacy and formality. However, Queen Elizabeth II seems to be growing more “hip” as she ages. Just last month, the Queen visited the set of “Game of Thrones” during a tour of Northern Ireland, where she spent some time contemplating the famed Iron Throne. Although in the end she elected not to sit on it, her expression as she gazed at the throne left little doubt that she decided not to sit on it simply because she did not want to, not because she couldn’t handle it.

Although the Queen surprised Taylor, and the world, by her royal photobomb, it does seem as though she is known, to her close friends and family, to be both funny and technologically savvy. It may be just a matter of time before Queen Elizabeth joins Twitter and starts posting her own selfies!

[Image via Jayde Taylor and Brooke Peris/Twitter]