Sons of Anarchy News: Theo Huxtable Joins Grim Bastards

Theo Huxtable is joining a motorcycle gang? Say it ain't so!

Well, that's exactly what's happening. Malcolm Jamal-Warner (The Cosby Show, Major Crimes) is set to appear for at least 2 episodes in season 7 of Sons of Anarchy. He will be playing a character named Sticky, the right-hand man to T.O. Cross of the Grim Bastards Motorcycle Club.

What part T.O. Cross and Sticky will play in the last season of Sons of Anarchy is anybody's guess. After all, it was T.O. Cross that hid his cousin, one of the inmates responsible for Opie's death, from Jax. With that information, it's easy to imagine that the relationship between the Grim Bastards and SAMCRO might be strained at best, especially when you take into account the following Sons of Anarchy image:

"Stare down contest. Soap. Jax on. Jax off. It's a gift from god to get a day job playing a felon. Rather than the opposite," Manson captioned the Sons of Anarchy photo on Instagram.

The image depicts Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) and Ron Tully (Marilyn Manson) having a discussion of some kind inside Stockton Prison. Manson's Sons of Anarchy character is a white supremacist.

Although the conversation seems a bit tense, it doesn't exactly seem overly hostile. In his quest for revenge could Jax really strike up some kind of alliance with a racist club? If he did, there'd be no wondering how the Grim Bastards would react.

Assuming something does go down between the Grim Bastards and SAMCRO, where does that leave Courtney Love's character? She'll be playing Ms. Harrison, Abel's pre-school teacher, starting in the fourth episode of the last season of Sons of Anarchy.

Katey Sagal tweeted an image of Gemma and Ms. Harrison earlier this month.

Unfortunately, the three teasers released so far haven't told us anything about what's going to happen next on Sons of Anarchy.

"Hell Awaits" shows Jax on his motorcycle, his face alternating between normal and skeletal.

"Last Ride" shows an unmanned motorcycle driving down a road.

Finally, "Night Sky" shows Jax getting off his bike as a helicopter is heard overhead; his face continues to flicker into that skeletal state.

Although it's easy to predict that the skeletal state of Jax in the teasers could just represent the reaper, some fans argue that the symbolism indicates that the popular Sons of Anarchy character might die.

There are some spoilers out there, for fans who like that sort of thing. For the rest of us, we'll just have to find out during the season.

Sons of Anarchy, the seventh and final season, will air on FX Sept. 9 at 10pm. The premiere episode will be close to 2 hours long.

[ Images courtesy of FX and Lisa Rice ]