Wedding Crashers Say ‘We Still Coming’ After Bride Accidentally Texts Invite To Strangers

Wedding Crashers Say 'We Still Coming' After Bride Accidentally Texts Invite To Strangers

You know wedding crashers have guts when they’re showing up to someone’s special day without being invited, but these guys take the cake. When the bride accidentally text invited one of them to the BBQ reception, she tried to clarify the mistake only to be told “we still coming.”

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The story goes that Detroit couple Kristen and Roger were preparing for their June wedding. The bride was using her cell phone to send out all the invites to the wedding photo shoot and then a BBQ reception. Unfortunately, one of those invites was sent to the wrong number. This is how the conversation went:

Kristen : BBQ and wedding photos this Saturday, June 14th from 4-7. Our address is 208 Mill Street. Be there!

Wedding Crasher: Who is this?

Kristen: Roger’s (soon to be wife) Kristen!

Wedding Crasher: You have the wrong number but me and my boys will be there.

Kristen: Oh sorry! Not an invite to strangers!

Wedding Crasher: We still coming.

This conversation was passed around on Instagram and quickly went viral, with the hash tag #westillcoming becoming popular on Twitter. While some people question whether this is all a hoax, the photo does seem to show proof that the wedding crashers honored their promise to be “we still coming.”