‘Destiny’ Beta Opens To All PS4, Xbox One, PS3 And Xbox 360 Owners

If you’ve been hunting for Destiny beta codes, hunt no more. Bungie just announced that all PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 console owners can jump in on the fun right now.

“Today, at 4:00 PM PDT, we’re opening the Destiny Beta to anyone who wants to create a character and walk in their boots,” Bungie Community Manager Deej wrote on Bungie’s official website. “There are, of course, some requirements. You’ll need to have a compatible console equipped with PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold. You’ll need to be brave.”

You’ll need some patience in addition to having a compatible console. You’ll first download a launcher application. Once you open that launcher application, you’ll begin to download Destiny itself. The download size for the PS4 and Xbox One approaches 13 GB and can take anywhere between a few to several hours to download depending on how hammered Bungie’s servers and PSN or Xbox LIVE are at the time. The PS3 and Xbox 360 downloads are a little less than half that size but still require a significant wait until you are ready to play. The Destiny beta will be available through Saturday, July 26. Bungie will kick off the Iron Banner special event on Friday and is a chance to battle with other Guardians in PvP matches set on four maps – ‘Rusted Lands’ on Earth, ‘First Light’ on the Moon, ‘Shores of Time’ on Venus, and ‘Blind Watch’ on Mars. There’s also the chance to obtain what Bungie calls a “permanent reward” by participating in the beta after 2 pm PDT during that final day of play.

Destiny is set to release on September 9 for all platforms. The beta contains four story missions, four competitive multiplayer maps, a cooperative Strike plus a large chunk of the Old Russia map to explore. It also comes with a new opening that better explains the universe and an improved Peter Dinklage voice over for Ghost. Xbox One owners should be aware that the Destiny beta is currently running at 900p. However, Bungie will have it running at 1080p and 30 frames per second when for the retail launch. It simply came down to not having enough time to optimize the graphics for the beta.

[Image via Bunge]