Women Against Feminism Goes Viral, Rips Into Straw Feminists

A newly popular Facebook page, Women Against Feminism (and a complementary hashtag, #WomenAgainstFeminism), is an adorably earnest if horribly misguided social media phenomenon this week that is at best out of the loop, and at worst, dishonest and horribly misogynist.

In case you missed it, the Women Against Feminism thing has been going on for a while, but it just “tipped” recently. And the social impetus behind it — known in gender issue parlance as a “patriarchal bargain” — is even older.

On social sites, a flurry of women holding up signs attacking what they believe feminism to be has intensified as the meme gains steam, and the commentary ranges from basic misconceptions (#IDontNeedFeminism because I like men) to the more overtly anti-women’s issues.

One popular example, unfortunately sporting a misspelling, focuses on abortion rights and the poster shared this image:

No, honey, you need school.

More than one “anti-feminist” railed against women’s healthcare being included in general healthcare:

Others complained that the “pay gap” was due to women’s choices, and framed feminism as a victim-based mentality:

Suggestions that stay at home mothers and wives in general were looked down upon were rife, despite any common feminist sentiment decrying such choices:

However, if you had any doubt about what the position of the “Women Against Feminism” movement truly is, you need look no further than the Facebook page of the same name — which proudly posted this reader submitted comment recently:

“I don’t need feminism because getting away with killing your children is not a human right. Men would get locked up if they did that. It should not be acceptable to suggest to a woman that she kill her child. Pregnant women should not have the lives of their babies disrespected by someone implying that they are not actually a person. I should not be accused of hating my own gender for being against the killing of children, thinking that mothers should stay home with their children, and that being promiscuous is disgusting.”

Full note available here, again, promoted by the Women Against Feminism group on their official Facebook page — this is not an unapproved comment, though it is reader submitted.

That is what Women Against Feminism actually believe. What do you think about the #IDontNeedFeminism and #WomenAgainstFeminism memes?

[Image: Women Against Feminism]