Ryan Seacrest Will Host ‘Fashion Rocks’ Charity Special For CBS

Ryan Seacrest apparently doesn’t enjoy taking any time off. The busy guy was reportedly tapped by CBS to host the upcoming Fashion Rocks charity special later this year.

Although the American Idol host has a ton of projects on his schedule these days, apparently he unearthed a few hours that weren’t already devoted to something or someone else. According to the folks at CBS News, Seacrest will host the aforementioned event in September during New York Fashion Week.

The Fashion Rocks special, which is reportedly held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, will feature performances from such notable acts as Jennifer Lopez, Miranda Lambert, Duran Duran, and KISS, among many others.

Ryan Seacrest said in a recent statement:

“I’m always excited to be a part of live events, and Fashion Rocks combines three of my favorite things — music, fashion and New York City. I’m looking forward to working with CBS, Three Lions Entertainment and Don Mischer to make it an amazing and memorable night.”

TV By the Numbers reports that the masterminds behind the charity special, namely Three Lions Entertainment CEO Richard Beckman and CBS’ Jack Sussman, are pretty excited to put Ryan Seacrest front and center during the event. Sussman went as far as to describe Seacrest as one of the best hosts in the business.

Beckman added:

“‘Fashion Rocks’ is the only show that celebrates the inextricable link between fashion and music, a relationship that is more relevant today than ever before. For the first time we’ll air the event live during Fashion Week from Barclays Center. It will be a spectacular affair, featuring some of the world’s most talented musicians as well as today’s hottest fashions.”

As if he didn’t already have enough to keep him extremely busy into the foreseeable future, People reports that Ryan Seacrest recently announced the lineup for this year’s iHeartRadio Music Festival. Before you ask, he’s hosting this event as well.

Seacrest explained in a recent statement:

“People can expect a weekend that they will never forget. I saw the list coming together, and I was so excited to announce it because it covers everything in music — all these artists in one place for the weekend and the biggest fans who make the pilgrimage who come to see them.”

In case you’re wondering, One Direction, Taylor Swift, and Usher are just a handful of performers slated to appear at this year’s festival. Ryan Seacrest also teased some surprise collaborations, though he didn’t delve into specifics.

Fashion Rocks, featuring the always-working Ryan Seacrest, is presently to air on September 9 at 9 pm ET on CBS.

[Lead image via Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com]