Shia LaBeouf Trades In Messy Scruff For Sleek Suit For Court Appearance Following ‘Cabaret’ Arrest

Shia LaBeouf arrived in court today looking a lot healthier than he has in a long time. On the heels of his announcement that he’s trying to get sober, LaBeouf looked clean in a sleek suit as he made an appearance in court earlier today. The appearance was due to the several charges after his arrest at the Broadway show Cabaret.

Back in June, the Transformers actor was arrested for disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing as well as harassment after disrupting the Cabaret performance at Studio 54.

At the time, his publicist Melissa Kates released a statement that Shia will seek help due to his most recent troubles.

“He understands that these recent actions are a symptom of a larger health problem and he has taken the first of many necessary steps towards recovery.”

According to the report, LaBeouf looked disheveled as he was handcuffed during intermission. Since the fall out of his arrest, as well as the media blitz that followed, Shia vowed that he’s receiving help. One star and supporter that comes to mind is Brad Pitt, who he stars with in the upcoming World War II film Fury. According to a report, Shia is on his best behavior because he doesn’t want to let down Pitt. In the meantime he’s also receiving outpatient treatment for alcoholism.

Shia LaBeouf is in court again

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As we reported, his arrest at Cabaret follows a long history of outbursts. In 2011 LaBeouf got into a fist fight at Mad Bull’s Tavern Bar in California. Late last year he suffered plagiarism claims followed by wearing an “I Am Not Famous” paper bag over his head during a premiere for his film Nymphomaniac. Additionally, he has sworn off promoting any of his films and doesn’t want to be seen as a celebrity in the media.

Heading up to his arrest at Studio 54, LaBeouf was seen chasing a homeless man through the streets of New York. No one knew what the contents were in the McDonalds bag, but Shia sure did want whatever it was.

Poised and ready to get his court appearance over with, Shia was focused on the case and ignored the reporters that swarmed him as he headed into court.

E! reports that the prosecutor on the case and the judge discussed possible outcomes, but so far nothing has been confirmed as far as additional rulings.

It’s said that LaBeouf is due back in the Manhattan court house on September 10.

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