Kate Gosselin R-Word Usage: Alleged Leaked Email Leads To Swift Backlash

Allegations of Kate Gosselin's "R-word" usage in an email leaked to author Robert Hoffman has many people furious with the reality TV star once again. Hoffman wrote the book Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, and he alleges that a December 2006 email from Kate to then-husband Jon used the word "retarded." From the looks of responses online, people are not necessarily shocked by Kate's choice of words, but they are most certainly offended and not impressed.

Hoffman says that the email with Kate Gosselin's R-word usage came after a coordinator from a moms of multiples forum contacted Jon asking him to introduce the family on the forum. Jon is said to have forwarded the email to Kate, who replied "These people are retarded!" This email exposed by Hoffman is just the latest in a long string of allegations he has made that paint the Kate Plus 8 star in a different light than what her fans embrace.

These latest accusations follow months of various negative tidbits coming out about Gosselin. She managed to snag another TLC Kate Plus 8 update special not long ago, but some would say her kids seemed less than thrilled to be thrust back into the public spotlight. A former Gosselin nanny recently spoke out about working with the family, and E! Online shared that things were quite unpleasant much of the time. There was apparently a thorough and some would say excessive "manual" that the nannies had to follow, and the nanny speaking out details what she felt was over-the-top discipline choices by the mom of eight.

Kate has not addressed the latest controversies via her Twitter page, though she has been happy to tweet and retweet quotes and messages of support. As for this latest allegation, people would hope she has perhaps learned a thing or two about using that particular word since the email was apparently sent. Many people are embracing the opportunity to take the "R-word Pledge," as nearly 500,000 people have signed online pledges promising to stop using the word "retarded."

Here's hoping Kate Gosselin's R-word usage in the email was a slip of common decency and it is something she no longer does. That said, many would argue that such a casual usage of the word in an email may well be an indication that the user probably tosses out the word casually and comfortably in other ways too.

[Image via popwatch.ew.com]