'The Woman In Black' Walks The U.S. On A Mysterious Mission, Some Say She's An Angel With An Unearthly Purpose

"The woman in black" is her name on the internet, although no one is certain about her identity or for what purpose she is walking the roads and highways of the United States. Does she have an unearthly purpose or is her identity a little bit more mundane?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, police were scratching their heads at the Brooklyn bridge's white flags, but the surveillance video may have given a hint to the culprits.

The Appalachian mountains are filled with stories of ghosts and other tall tales, but now the woman in black is creating a modern myth just by walking around. She has been spotted at strip malls or on the side of the highways while in Tennessee and Virginia, although it's possible her wandering has taken her further. Whenever people stop and ask if she needs any help she refuses, and perhaps because of this behavior, the mystery has only deepened over the months.

Elizabeth Poles Woman In Black Tennessee

The reason she has become an urban legend is because some people on social media have referenced Hebrews 13:2 from the Bible when discussing the woman in black. That verse reads: "Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it."

The woman in black has fed the myth by once telling reporters she was from an Islamic nation and that she once worked for the Pentagon. She has also mentioned being on a "Bible mission" so some believe she's going about doing missionary work since she was seen in a YouTube video arguing with a man about religion in a parking lot. But others speculate that she is mentally ill or simply enjoying giving a good laugh by giving such confusing answers to any questions about her identity.

The only thing that people know for certain about the woman in black is that she's slowing working her way down south. At one point, she was also stopped by sheriff's deputies in Sullivan County, who had responded to reports about a suspicious looking person in the area.

According to police reports, the woman in black is named Elizabeth Poles and she hails from Motts, Alabama. Of course, the story about her being from an Islamic nation came from police reports when cops stopped her in another area, so it's hard to be certain of the real truth.

Elizabeth Poles Woman In Black Tennessee 2

[Update] Our readers have spotted the woman in black in Ohio, so apparently reports of her heading in a southerly direction over the long term were incorrect.