Elizabeth Banks Talks ‘Hunger Games,’ Motherhood

claims that she is the perfect fit for her character in the upcoming film, The Hunger Games.

Banks, 37, whose most recent comedy, Our Idiot Brother, hit theaters Friday, plays Effie Trinket in the movie adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ best selling science fiction/action series of novels, which are geared toward the young adult crowd.

“[Effie is] so suited to me,” the actress revealed in a interview with Parade magazine. “She’s funny, she’s a little comic relief, she’s a little kooky, she’s a little dark. All those things really attracted me to her.”

Beyond the similarities in personality, Banks explained her appreciation for Effie was tied to the fact that she represents some of the plot’s most important elements:

“She represents the Capitol. She understands the stakes of the game but she also understands the stakes for her. She’s one of the few glimpses of the totalitarian regime. She’s living the high life in the Capitol.”

In addition to wrapping filming on The Hunger Games, Elizabeth – who welcome her first child via surrogate in March – is constantly struggling with the task of balancing her career and being a new mom.

When asked her feelings on motherhood, Banks replied:

“I underestimated the amount of joy it brings. I am learning all about my capacity for joy. I’d love a bigger family, but I don’t want to say I’m not completely satisfied with my perfect one. The journey to my one was very long so I don’t know. Maybe we’ll do two.”

via Parade