Ariana Grande Loses Grandfather, Hides The News From Her Older Brothers

Unfortunately we have some bad news coming out of camp Ariana Grande. According to the singer, her grandfather lost his battle with cancer on Tuesday. Since July, Ariana has been receiving messages of support on Twitter from her 16.3 million fans after she broke the news that her grandfather was struggling.

Now she faces the terrible task of keeping the news from her older brother. Ariana Grande’s brother Frankie is currently on the reality show Big Brother, and while he’s on the show he doesn’t have any access to the internet. Grande along with the rest of her family made a decision not to tell Frankie based off of her grandfather’s wishes.

In a tweet Ariana shared the difficult situation:

“Asked grandps last week if he wanted us to pull frankie off bb & he said ‘no way! he’s gotta play the game even tho i don’t understand it.”

According to TMZ, Frankie isn’t aware that his grandfather passed on Tuesday.

Although the reason is unknown, Ariana Grande decided to delete the tweet with her grandfather Frank’s wishes for her brother Frankie.

Since her grandfather’s difficult passing, Grande has been tweeting old photos from her Instagram account today.

“Frank and Babe” is the main caption Grande chose to use to memorialize her grandfather and her grandmother.

A relatively new picture, Grande is pictured resting next to her grandfather as he lies in bed.

In happier times, Grande shared a photo titled “baby doll & ciccio” and a throw back picture, which looks like it’s from the singer’s christening.

Before Grande turned to photos to express her despair, the singer tweeted touching words to her fans and loved ones who were supporting her through this difficult time.

As reported by Page Six, earlier today Grande appeared on Good Morning Americafor an interview and broke down in tears at the mention of her grandfather.

It is not yet known if the producers of Big Brother plan to tell Frankie about his grandfather.

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