Justin Bieber Calls Selena Gomez ‘Beautiful’ After She Goes Public With New Man

“She’s beautiful” is how Justin Bieber described on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez on Wednesday, when asked by paparazzi if the Latina starlet is “still your friend.”

The question came the same day PDA-filled pictures of Selena hanging out with hot new guy Tommy Chiabra went around the world.

In a video clip of the moment, the 20-year-old began to say more but was cut off by a burly bodyguard as the door of his SUV was slammed shut by security.

Justin was also asked if had a message for his fans. To which, he replied: “Always.Thank you so much for supporting me through everything.”

Bieber added: “Don’t believe in the nonsense. Don’t always believe what you hear.”

[Video via X17Online.com]

Justin and Selena reunited in June for about a minute. But that seemed to implode when the “Baby” singer hooked up with 18-year-old model Yovanna Ventura.

The on-again, off-again couple were seen together numerous times in 2014. But, unlike last year when Bieber finally made it to Gomez’s 21st birthday bash even though they were not together, this year it seems a line has been drawn.

So, it’s refreshing that in a candid moment Justin was not only civil about his ex-girlfriend but highly complimentary.

Late Tuesday, Bieber posted a photos to his Shots page which suggested that he may not be feeling so philosophical about Gomez moving on behind the scenes.

In one of a few dejected-looking selfies, he prominently displayed a tattoo likeness of Selena he had inked in Europe last April. The singer also changed his Twitter header zooming in on the same tattoo.

Selena Gomez Moves On From Justin Bieber With Tommy Chiabra

(Photo: Selena Gomez with Tommaso Chiabra and Cara Delevingne in St. Tropez for her 22nd birthday.)

Meanwhile, the Spring Breakers actress chose to ring in her 22nd birthday in Saint-Tropez, France with thje model Cara Delevingne, Royal Yacht Supplies founder, Chiabra, 28, and others on billionaire Alshair Fiyaz’s yacht Ecstasea.

After arriving in France Monday, Selena has since been spotted relaxing in a one-piece with pals, blowing out candles on a chocolate birthday cake, jet-skiing, parasailing also sharing a shower and snuggling in a towel with Tommy.

At one point Gomez was also seen holding Chiabra’s hand as they jumped off the yacht.

It’s not known if Tommy and Selena will continue their holiday PDA once the holiday’s over, but the pair seem close for now.

Justin Bieber Reacts Emotionally To Selena Gomez's Sexy Pictures With Tommaso Chiabra

(Photo: Selena snuggles with Tommy in St Tropez for her 22nd birthday.)

On Tuesday night, Gomez and Chiabra stepped ashore in St. Tropez to enjoy the nightlife.

Based on photos and her social media postings, the starlet seems to be thoroughly enjoying her 22nd birthday celebrations.

On Wednesday, Selena updated her fans with an Instagram post of herself and her girls, writing:

“Thank you SO much for my birthday wishes… this has been the BEST birthday yet! THANK YOU!!!!”

Will Justin and Selena reunite someday? Or is Jelena really over?

Does “She’s beautiful” sound like the end of the line to you?

Selena Gomez And Tommaso Chiabra

[Images via Spread Pictures/Pacific Coast News.]