Batman Day is Upon Us! Here Are Some Suggestions To Celebrate The Dark Knight’s 75th Birthday

Batman Day is here! DC Comics has declared today as an official day to celebrate the dark knight’s 75th anniversary, and in honor of Bruce Wayne’s alter ego, they’re offering you a free comic book at any participating comic shop or bookstore.

Detective Comics #27 Special Edition is being given away for one day only, so be sure to pick up your copy. Thankfully Batman himself is a fictional character and doesn’t age like we do, even though in some continuities there have been other characters under the cape and cowl. While you’re at the comic book store, you might also find other collectibles such as masks commemorating the different eras of the dark knight, and capes.

Just don’t put them on and start fighting crime, because law enforcement tends to frown on that if you’re not officially working for them.

If you’re not a comic book reader, there are other ways to celebrate this momentous occasion.

You can spend the day catching up on The Media Cows’ “Road to Batman: Arkham Knight” as hosts Raymond and Dewey play through the game series, starting with Arkham Asylum. Their walk-throughs are always funny with their commentary, making it a blast to watch. They are currently nearing the end of the game in Arkham City, but it’s not too late to possibly catch all of the collectibles and Easter Eggs they know of as they aim for a 100 percent completion walk-through. This means you will see them collect every single Riddler trophy and destroy everything necessary to show the former Gotham City who’s really in charge.

You can also attend San Diego Comic-Con, where a special announcement has been teased for the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and perhaps stretch out that cosplay outfit for Batman Day.

If you would rather engage in an interactive experience without leaving the house, and YouTube isn’t your way to celebrate Batman Day, you can always play the various games yourself. Batman: Arkham Asylum and its sequel (and prequel) are great games which will probably keep you busy for a good week or more. With Batman: Arkham City having been called the best superhero game ever made, you’re in for a treat without having to put on a mask.

If you’re more of a casual Batman fan and just want to watch the caped crusader, the various series of TV shows are always a good watch. You could even have yourself a marathon and watch every Batman movie ever made from Adam West to Christian Bale, or even catch the always entertaining animated movies.

We would suggest avoiding Batman & Robin though, considering it’s been called one of the worst superhero movies ever made.

What are your plans to celebrate this occasion? Feel free to share in the comments below, and Happy Batman Day!

[image via mashable]