‘Big Brother 2014’ News: Frankie Grande’s Grandfather Dies, Will He Leave The Game?

Frankie Grande has become a force to be reckoned with this season on Big Brother 2014. He has aligned himself well and he had made a lot of moves to control the game. However, now there is family news that could end up altering his plans for this season. Frankie’s sister Ariana Grande shared via Twitter that their grandfather has died.

Many are familiar with Ariana Grande as the “Problem” singer and star of the now-canceled Nickelodeon show Sam & Cat. Many Big Brother 2014 viewers, however, really had no idea who she was until the connection started popping up online. Frankie has definitely made his own way in the BB16 house, and it seems the houseguests are still unaware of who his famous sibling is.

Many fans knew that Frankie’s grandfather was not doing well, as Ariana has been sharing some updates via Twitter. Now, at the age of 90, he has passed away. At this point it is not known whether production will tell Frankie about his grandfather’s death. If they do tell him, will he decide to leave the game? It is definitely a tough position to be in, that is for certain.

Ariana did say that she talked to her grandfather about his wishes and about Frankie being in the Big Brother 2014 house. She tweeted, “asked grandps last week if he wanted us to pull frankie off bb & he said ‘no way! He’s gotta play the game even tho I don’t understand it.'” So the family didn’t connect with Frankie Grande to let him know his grandpa was so ill, but will they connect with him now that he has died?

It did not take long for the hashtag “#RIPGrandpaGrande” to start trending on Twitter, and many Big Brother 2014 fans are buzzing about how the show will handle this situation with Frankie. There have been a couple of situations previously where real-life issues were shared with the houseguests, as Evel Dick left BB13 due to what he later said was a family emergency. During Big Brother 2 houseguest Monica was told that her cousin was missing after the Sept. 11 attacks, though she did not leave the house at that point.

For now fans will have to stay tuned to see if Frankie Grande is told about his grandfather’s death and see what he chooses to do if he is told. Wednesday’s show is pre-taped and will show the Power of Veto competition and ceremony, though Thursday’s episode is live. Stay tuned for Big Brother 2014 spoilers as details may become available via the live feeds as the day continues.

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