Snoop Dogg Claims He Smoked Weed At The White House

It shouldn't come as a huge surprise that Snoop Dogg loves his weed. That said, no one ever expected to hear a story about Snoop smoking weed in the White House of all places. So how did this happen without Snoop getting kicked out?

This omission went down during an episode of GGN News, which saw Jimmy Kimmel ask the one question that's on everyone's minds -- did Snoop ever get high in the White House?

Now that we have that answer, according to Snoop Dogg here's how it all went down.

"I said, 'May I use the bathroom for a second?' And they said, 'What are you gonna do, Number 1 or Number 2?' I said, 'Number 2."
It's a bit awkward that someone would inquire which bodily function would be going down in the bathroom, but we guess we'll forgive, in Snoop's words, "the CIA or the FBI, the alphabet boys." It is the White House after all, right?

Snoop Dogg's response to the invasive question is pretty classic.

"So I said, 'Look, when I do the Number 2, I usually, you know, have a cigarette or light something to get the aroma right.' And they said, 'Well you know what? You can light a piece of napkin.' I said, 'I'll do that.' And the napkin was this."
Just to be clear, in the video the "this" he's referring to is a blunt that he's holding in the interview. Of course just for extra emphasis he toked on it. Either way Jimmy Kimmel seemed rather impressed if not completely amused about the whole thing.

According to USA Today Snoop Dogg just so happened to visit the White House back in December. At the time the rapper was there for the Kennedy Center Honors. Despite that, this is the first time we're hearing reports about Dogg being stoned at the event. Then again, that's kind of the rapper's perpetual state, so perhaps no one batted an eye?

Of course most people have reacted negatively to the story.

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