Kurt Cobain And Courtney Love Selfie Means Nirvana Did The First Ever Selfie In 1992? Buzz Aldrin Disagrees

A Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love selfie has dug its way up out of history way back when the term selfie had not yet been invented. So did the Nirvana singer really start the trend way back in 1992?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, even to this day, Kurt Cobain’s net worth is in the millions, and his estate is estimated at around $450 million. Unfortunately, money cannot solve life’s problems, and Kurt’s suicide note was apparently changed at the last minute, with one draft showing hate toward Courtney. Recently, Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses claimed he was not surprised at Kurt Cobain’s death at the time.

The photo of Kurt and Courtney is making the rounds, and it is almost stereotypical in the way selfies are commonly taken nowadays. They are both standing in a bathroom and Courtney is taking the photo using the reflection of the mirror. I guess some things never change, do they?

The Kurt Cobain selfie has stiff competition for who exactly was first to start the trend of using a camera to photograph yourself and whatever is behind you. It turns out that Buzz Aldrin is not only claiming the title for the first ever selfie, he has says he’s made the best selfie ever:

Of course, Michael Collins may have beat Aldrin by a little bit since he took a selfie of himself during the Gemini 10 flight in July of 1966, but since “taking pictures of themselves in orbit was probably the last thing these guys thought of as a top priority” the photo only shows the inside of the space capsule. Even the title of best selfie ever in relation to space has some competition from NASA’s global selfie project. Personally, I’ve always found this particular astronaut selfie to be the best selfie ever:

Astronaut Selfie

Still, if we are looking for the first selfie ever made then chemist Robert Cornelius probably beat everyone to the punch back in 1839:

Robert Cornelius, self-portrait; believed to be the earliest existing American portrait photo

What do you think about the Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love selfie?