WWE News: Former WWE Superstar CM Punk Says He Will Never Wrestle Again

Jon Fisher

Former-WWE superstar CM Punk was at the AP Music Awards Show at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland last night and opened up about his past with the WWE. To be more specific, he revealed information about the last six months, in which we all know that he left the company on horrid terms.

Chris Van Vliet of CBS-19 caught up with CM Punk on the red carpet and asked the two-time WWE champion how he was feeling:

I feel f***in' awesome! Look at me, how do I look? It's not so much how you feel anymore, it's how you look.

Punk wasn't done there as the interview was minute-long interview was spectacular and proved fully that Punk was truly himself during his tenure with the WWE. Vliet then went on to ask the $1,000,000 question about if he would ever wrestle again. Phil Brooks then came back with an emphatic answer that nobody wants to hear.

No. No, never. NEVER EVER! NEVER EVER EVER [laughs]. They're going to go crazy about that on Twitter. They're going to like, hold me to it, but whatever.

After the WWE moved Punk to the Alumni section of WWE.com, that seemed like the ultimate farewell for the Straight Edge Superstar. For the time being, that will be the telltale sign that Punk has certainly moved on from professional wrestling. To be frank, give the guy credit for answering the question honestly, and adding a witty retort as well.

Punk has never once given up on the fans until January, when he walked out on the company. Before that point, Punk stayed loyal to Ring of Honor, TNA and the WWE. Defending his decision to walk out is not a popular one. Yet, former-WWE superstars often support Punk and rebellious attitude and his rumored disgust with the WWE.

Former-WWE champion Kurt Angle talked about Punk on Jim Ross' podcast, saying that he does respect the Second City Saint, but may have burned bridges in the process.

Replacing Punk will not be easy for those who followed his career for many years. Since 2011, his reputation across the wrestling landscape multiplies eons higher than many ever thought it would. All the WWE Universe can do is remain loyal to the WWE and realize it wasn't their purpose for Punk to leave them behind. Be patient, and eventually, he will return. Like Vince McMahon used to say, I guarantee it.

[Images via Philly.com and WrestlingRumors.net]