Online Dating Safety Tips: How To Stay Safe While Looking For The Right One

Online dating is an amazing alternative for people who prefer to take their romantic pursuits to the web. Romance platforms like eHarmony,, and most recently, Tinder, have been taking online romantics by storm as hundreds of happy couples attest to the wonders of online dating sites.

Online dating is a very useful platform for hopeless romantics trying to search for the right one. But just as with every other website that requires personal information, online dating sites must be treated carefully and with caution. Looking for love need not be risky. A few steps to ensure your personal safety can be done before launching that head-turning dating profile on your chosen site.

But how do we stay safe while looking for Mr./Ms. Right online? Leading dating site, who has partnered up with the National Cyber Security Alliance, offers a few tips that can help you remain secure while searching the internet sea for potential partners.

The number one rule with online dating, according to, is to keep your finances safe. Ignore any requests for money transfers, even if the person you are trying to connect with claims to be in an emergency. Furthermore, you should never release any kind of information regarding your personal financial information on online dating platforms. This includes social security numbers, credit card numbers, and bank information. Avoid boasting about luxury items online. Showcasing Louis Vuitton bags, sports cars and any other expensive items on your online dating profile can only attract unscrupulous people. Plus, no one really likes a braggart – even on the web.

Inevitably, you would have to release a few personal details on your chosen online dating site. However, there is such a thing as too personal. Names and professions are generally fine. Hobbies and interests are absolutely acceptable. Birthdays, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses should be withheld from your online dating profile. This information can easily be used to access important personal accounts.

Furthermore, one must remain wary of the people you meet online. There are a few warning signs that the person you are communicating with is a scammer. If they try to get you to contact them outside the online dating chat service (through personal email or social media), that is a red flag of an untrustworthy person. Asking for money, asking for an address under claims that they will send chocolates or flowers, claiming to be newly widowed, or sending you messages linking to fishy third-party websites are all obvious signs that you are not connecting with the “one.”

Remember; it is always better to be safe than sorry. It’s still preferable to meet guys or gals in person. Although these websites serve as wonderfully convenient tools to meet new people, getting to know someone personally is still a more romantic way to find true love than online dating.

[Image from Thomas Hawk]