Hunger Games Mockingjay Premier Date Set (Warning: Spoilers!)

With a date set for the film’s trailer unleash, Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 is once again going to debut at the San Diego Comic-Con this Friday. The release, however, will not be in the normal way these things are usually done. While Lionsgate has followed others in the past, using the huge Hall H at the nation’s largest comics convention to premier in front of thousands of fans, they’ll instead be taking the latest installment of the Hunger Games virtual.

According to Fansided, the premier will not be on-screen in the great hall, but will instead be at the Samsung Galaxy Experience inside the Hard Rock Hotel at noon on Friday (July 25th), where the Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 will debut its premier on the new Galaxy Tab S. Many in the film’s cast will make an appearance at the Hard Rock for the trailer’s premier, as is the custom, of course, adding to the excitement of this latest Hunger Games saga.

Even better for those of us who can’t make Comic-Con, though, is this little tidbit: you can also see the premier unveil at your local Best Buy store. Just adjust for the timing if there are any time zone differences and show up to see it.

After it’s premier, the new Hunger Games trailer will then make its way to YouTube and theaters nationally. The film releases in November. You can read the full press release for the debut plans at Slash Film.

Spoiler Alert!

Hunger-Games-Katniss-EverdeenDespite the film currently being in production, there are some spoilers to be had for this next-to-last installment in the Hunger Games. In Mockingjay, the story picks up where Catching Fire left off.

Without Peeta, Katniss is in deep depression. Fans should be prepared to see a lot of acting and less action from the hero of the story in this installment. It’s likely that our favorite Hunger Games beauty is suffering from various emotional and mental issues thanks to the extreme circumstances she’s been in thus far in the saga. The addition of broken love as Gale begins to doubt his love for Katniss will only add to the Hunger Games drama.

If this sounds familiar because you’ve been reading the Hunger Games series as the books release, don’t be surprised. The producers of the films have made it clear that they plan to follow the plot lines in the book closely, only changing minor details to translate it to the screen.

In order to preserve your expectations and suspense for the new Hunger Games installment, though, we won’t reveal the ending or anything absurd like that. You’ll still have to make guesses as to how things turn out for Katniss by the time this next-to-last installment of The Hunger Games finishes and leads into the final film, set to release next year.