‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Pokes Fun At Your ‘Lame Claim To Fame’ [Video]

The latest “Weird Al” Yankovic video may be one of the those on his latest album Mandatory Fun which doesn’t make fun of other music videos. Instead, the master of music parody is poking fun at your “Lame Claim to Fame.”

We all know that person, or possibly are that person, who thinks a random encounter with a top celebrity is a life defining moment. Some might think they saw Tom Cruise driving by their bus in a Porsche, or swear they knew Britney Spears’ hairstylist back when she was a Disney kid. Perhaps the guy who sold you your lawn mower said he bumped into Carrie Fisher at Disney Land?

Instead of impersonating celebrities in spoofs on their music, Yankovic portrays a man who has had a few close brushes with them and can’t let it go.

After hits like “Tacky,” “Eat It,” and “White and Nerdy,” and his plethora of Star Wars reference songs like “The Saga Begins,” “Yoda,” and his recent cameos in videos like Richard Cheese’s “Star Wars Cantina,” it seems the singer is taking an original new direction.

The video starts with “Weird Al” Yankovic as an old man looking through a scrap book in stop motion, reminiscing about all of those times when he almost met famous people.

The first instance said he was behind Steven Seagal in a checkout lane, and then he was sure Jonah Hill was in the bathroom stall next to his. As the video continues, we get the idea that none of these things really matter and the guy he’s portraying really led a generally pointless life. A lot of the things he mentions could probably happen to anyone living in the right area.

The hilarity continues with mentions of Motley Crue, Jack Nicholson, and Brad Pitt. “Weird Al” Yankovic even pokes fun at those scam emails from so-called Nigerian princes.

What was your favorite part of Yankovic’s latest “Lame Claim to Fame”?

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