Note to Winehouse Fans: Wear Helmets, Or At Least Protective Padding

Yay! Amy Winehouse was at Glastonbury Festival, and while she looked creepy, she was upright during the whole thing and managed to sound all right. Um, but there’s more:

The Camden-based singer climbed down to the pit in front of the Pyramid stage, at Worthy Farm, in Pilton, Somerset, to meet fans during set closer Rehab, and scuffled with an unseen reveller.

“Scuffled?” Looked more like a punch to me. Oh yeah, she punched them. I’m a claustrophobic, so I can relate, but then again, I’m not on stage at Glasto and trying to regain some fan love.

Just when things sound bad, they do get a little bit better. The victim recently spoke out and said that Amy actually meant to hit someone else (who had thrown a hat at her). Justifiable, but only when you have good aim.