Selena Gomez Gets Instagram Serenade From Model Andre Hamann Who Admits ‘Crush’

Selena Gomez flirts with seriously viable, male model and clothing label owner Andre Hamann on Instagram. Fans, maybe the entire Western hemisphere, is now chanting “Yes, yes, yes!”

Selena Gomez has taken a leaf out of on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber’s playbook and sent a flirty communication to a model over Instagram.

It might mean nothing, or everything. But, let us explain the possibilities.

On Saturday, July 19, German model Andre Hamann posted an Instagram video of himself playing a guitar to Selena, while she was still in Italy at the Ischia Film and Music Festival.

The 25-year-old’s caption wasn’t showy or flash. No cheesy lines. Just “@selenagomez.”

Classy start. Now, where have we heard that word before?

Selena’s response? Totally candid and unaffected. But then, that is who the 21-year-old has been revealing herself to be more and more these days. Notably, her recent appeal to fans to pray for humanity in Gaza.

Replying on Andre’s account, Gomez simply wrote, “Thank you ) made my night,” including a blushing-face emoji for a hint of flirting action.

Naturally, selenators’ comments at Andre’s video and their idol’s Instagram are hysterical at the thought their girl may finally be over Justin. Most fans have been encouraging her to date Hamann.

Our first impressions (barring any weird stuff)? That a great idea.

Not that we’ve got anything against Justin.

But that hopeless June blink-and-you-miss-it reunion, endless Emo Instagrams from Selena after it crashed and burned, while the Biebs stepped out with model Yovanna Ventura — not to mention Bieber and Gomez’s rumored social media “rebound dating duel.”

Not exactly the stuff of romance, or a future.

Since Selena and Andre’s flirty introduction to each other which, could be seen as gutsy on Andre’s part, he has since taken to Twitter to declare his sexual and/or romantic interest in the Latina beauty.

On July 20, Hamann posted a snap of Selena, tagged it as “Stunning” and tweeted the starlet with a happy emoji for good measure.

Later, Andre just came out and wrote:

“I definitely have a crush on her.”

It’s get better. Firstly, well, just look.

Tattoos, check. Buff, check. Great hair, check. Nice face, check. Oh, and remember, he plays the guitar. So, yeah, the music thing, check.

Keep looking.

Still need convincing Andre could be the perfect Justin replacement for Selena? No problem.

Hamann reportedly speaks two languages, owns his own clothing company called Haze And Glory and is 6’1.”

Again, barring any weird stuff, there’s no downside here for La Gomez. A couple of dates to see how they fit. Why not? Hamann doesn’t seem the type to kiss and tell and it really is time she moved on from Justin.

Once upon a time Jelena was amazing. But the “Baby” singer is a good five years younger than Andre and those five years count. While Justin flirts up a storm with Ventura, Chantel Jeffries and posts lingerie Instagrams, Selena seems ready to commit to someone who can offer commitment back.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez

(Photo: Jelena, back in the day.)

Earlier today, Selena posted this fun-filled Instagram (below) of herself in Monaco hamming it up with a pal.

Of course, the Disney alum might just be happy because she turns 22 tomorrow. Or maybe it’s down to finally getting over Justin Bieber, and possibly moving on with Andre Hamann?

Either way, Gomez’s fans have taken the liberty of coining the term “Andrelena,” and since Andre has already declared his “crush” — the next move is yours Selena.