‘Star Wars 7’ Rumor: Empire Rising Again If Book’s Leaked Message Is True

One Star Wars 7 rumor that may be at least worth a chuckle has the Empire rising again based upon a hidden message in a book. Did Lucasfilm allow the licensed book to embed a secret message about the plot or is everyone just straining too hard for any details about the movie?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, George Lucas confirmed Boba Fett survived the Sarlacc pit from Return Of The Jedi, so now everyone is hoping this means the Boba Fett movie will feature an older version of the bounty hunter. Also, a recent leak of the plans for the opening scene in Star Wars: Episode 7 provides rumors about how Han Solo begins his quest to track down Luke Skywalker.

'Star Wars 7' Rumor: Empire Rising Again If Book's Hidden Message Is True

The final page of “William Shakespeare’s The Jedi Doth Return by Ian Doescher” contains an acrostic poem that contains the hidden message:

Even thus, our tale is finish’d.

Pardon if your hope’s diminish’d–

If you did not find the sequel

Satisfying. If unequel

Our Keen play is unto others,

Do not part in anger, brothers.

Ears, attend: I know surprises,

Visions of all shapes and sizes.

In some other times and places

It may be Rebellion faces

Certain dangers that may sever

Our strong bonds that held us ever.

Mayhap something compromising,

Even like an Empire Rising.

Thus present I our conclusion:

Hint of Fate, or Fool’s illusion?

If the hidden meaning behind the acrostic poem is not clear, if you read down the first letter of each sentence it contains this message: “Episode VII Cometh.”

The idea that the Empire rises again does have some merit. The Star Wars Expanded Universe featured a remnant of the Empire surviving for many years into the future, and under the command of Thrawn, they also had a chance at retaking the galaxy. So, even though the Expanded Universe is now officially scrapped as canon, it still makes sense that a portion of the Empire would survive in some shape or form.

The idea also meshes with the latest Star Wars 7 plot rumors, which claim that Han and Luke have been separated for 30 years. It’s possible the rumored Sith Witches are orchestrating what’s left of the Empire, and it also explains how they could afford to have Mandalorian mercenaries hunt after Skywalker.

The questions remain whether this Star Wars 7 rumor gives us an actual hint at the plot. It’s possible Doescher was passed some details about the upcoming movies due to his inside connections or it could just be some good teasing by the author.

What would you think of the Star Wars 7 movie if the Empire actually does rise again?