‘Titanfall’ Xbox 360 Marked For Death Release Date Announced For July 21

The Titanfall Xbox 360 Marked for Death Game Update Four patch has been given a release date for July 21, according to a post on the Titanfall Twitter feed. The latest update will include new gameplay modes as well as new burn cards and other updates to the game.

The Titanfall Xbox 360 Marked for Death game play mode is part of the Game Four Update patch which will see a new batch of game modes that will be available for a limited time. These “Featured Game Modes” will be inserted into the playlist rotation and older modes will be removed as well. The first new game mode is called “Marked for Death” in which a player on each team will be marked for death. The goal of the opposing team will be to kill that player while protecting their own player who is marked. The game is a variation on the “Capture the Flag” mode only with a mobile “flag” and no carrying the player back to base.

Additional updates include 14 new Titan Burn Cards. These cards will enhance the weapons found on the various Titans. These cards will not disappear if the player dies while in pilot mode giving the player a chance to use the cards after respawning. Titans that have an active Burn Card will have an indicator next to their health bars.

Other updates to the game include Titan Insignias which show case the accomplishments of their respective pilots. Challenges that are completed unlock the various insignias, some of which are pictured below.

Titanfall Titan Insignia Game Update Four

Matchmaking improvements are also being implemented giving teams a last minute balance check before the level loads to make sure teams’ skill and player counts match up more effectively. New Titan OS Voices are being introduced, giving “Betty” a break in favor of Jeeves and Lisa.

Many other updates are included in the patch which Xbox One owners have been able to enjoy for the last month including various balance adjustments to pilot weapons including the Hemlok which suffered from too much recoil and spent ammo to bring down an enemy pilot. This, and other weapons have been adjusted to aid in making the weapons perform as the designer intended.

Titanfall Xbox 360 Marked for Death is developed by Respawn Entertainment and BluePoint Games, who handled the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall while Respawn focused on the Xbox One version.