Duck Dynasty Star Jep Robertson’s New T-Shirt Line, Worth $45 A Piece?

Duck Dynasty‘s youngest star, Jep Robertson, fancies himself as a bit of a fashion guru, as he branches out from his role in A&E’s hit show Duck Dynasty, and moves into T-shirts.

It seems that being highly successful — for no apparent reason — as a reality TV star isn’t enough for Jep, hence his new partnership with Australian fashion designers Rick Caballo and Melissa Core, creators of Corello, a brand with the slogan “dress like a rock star.”

Robertson spoke to the News-Star about the new T-shirt line, explaining that he thinks his unique creativity knows just what the public wants to wear:

“There are T-shirts, beanies and jewelry but on a higher-end line. I like being creative and coming up with what I think people would like to wear.”

The Duck Dynasty star went on to explain how he met Caballo and Core at a benefit for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital:

“I got hooked up with these Aussies and thought they were super cool. We had dinner and got to be friends, and Mel said, ‘We need to do a line with you.’ I told her I’d love to, but I never really thought it would happen.”

The new T-shirt line is aptly named “Calvary by Jep Robertson,” a name representing the hill where Jesus Christ was crucified, as Robertson said, “I love the word and what it represents.”

The T-shirts offer a range of designs, featuring words like Faith, Freedom, Family, and Fashion, all set in a Christian-style cross. The T-shirts are retailing for $44.99.

As well as the new T-shirts, Robertson is also selling $20 bandannas and $35 baseball caps.

Core, who spoke to reporters about the new Duck Dynasty T-shirts, said, “We believe the line speaks to his fans and the fashion community.”

The question is, are the T-shirts worth $45 a piece and will you be buying one? Share your thoughts in the comments feed provided below.