Iggy Azalea Dissed By California Rapper Madd Mary

Iggy Azalea recently dealt with the fallout surrounding comments that Nicki Minaj may or may not have made about her songwriting abilities. Unfortunately for the Australian rapper, this isn’t the only drama she has to contend with these days.

When you’re at the top of your game, someone is always there to knock you down a notch. In the case of California rapper Madd Mary, you could say that she’s using Azalea’s popularity to increase her own visibility. After all, why take a shot at popular artist unless you’re trying to get a little attention? Just a theory.

According to Music Times, the aforementioned MC believes that Iggy Azalea is simply using African-American culture to line her pockets with paper and fill her bank account with zeroes. To make sure everyone understands her position on the matter, Madd released a track entitled “Eff Iggy.” One guess what the song is all about.

Mic was kind enough to post some of the lyrics to the Iggy Azalea diss track. While Mary’s thoughts and feelings about the rapper are a little salty, we’ve removed the more offending words to make the lyrics a bit more palatable for our more sensitive readers.


“You claim to be the realest it had me in stitches / Nothing about you is authentic what the hell are you sniffin’ / You talk it we live it / You’re moderately gifted mimic / Parasitic synthetic expressionless gimmick / Effeminate, wanna-be n****rish, temporary immigrant / Ignorant, impudent child of wealth and white privilege / Who benefits from the oppressive agenda of white supremacists.”

Temporary immigrant? Parasitic synthetic expressionless gimmick? If Iggy Azalea had problems processing Nicki Minaj’s comments at the BET Awards, chances are she’s seriously twisted up about “Eff Iggy.” Even if you dismiss Madd Mary’s song as a shameless grab for attention, those lyrics are razor-sharp.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Azalea struggled with the fallout surrounding Minaj’s remarks earlier this month. Although Iggy wanted the world to believe it was really no big deal, boyfriend Nick Young suggested the aftermath was difficult for Azalea to handle.

He recently explained:

“Iggy is doing big things and that is what is scaring people. She is going to brush it off. She won’t let it get to her. She is number one — what can you do? She’s at the top right now, so of course they are going to come at you. I had to deal with the aftermath of all that when she came home and was going through her phones, hearing everybody talking trash about her. I had to be there for her.”

What do you think of Madd Mary’s Iggy Azalea diss track? Does she have a valid point or is the MC just another rapper trying to ride the Australian’s coattails?

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