Kevin Love Trade Rumor: Cavaliers Reportedly Willing To Send Andrew Wiggins

The Kevin Love trade rumors are heating up again amid reports that the Cleveland Cavaliers have relented and decided to put No. 1 draft pick Andrew Wiggins on the block.

The Cavaliers and Minnesota Timberwolves have been working on a deal that would send the All-Star forward to Cleveland, but talks fizzled when the Cavs refused to include Wiggins as part of the deal. But with the trade in danger of slipping away, the Cavaliers have now done an about face and are willing to deal not only Wiggins but last year’s No. 1 draft pick Anthony Bennett as well.

A source told ESPN that the Cavaliers are also willing to part with a No.1 draft pick next year. Another source said that the trade was close to completion, but Minnesota still wanted more than the Cavaliers were offering.

There might be pressure from the Cavs’ new star to get the deal done. LeBron James, who earlier this month decided to return to Cleveland after four years in Miami, has reportedly expressed a strong interest in bringing Kevin Love to the team. Combined with free agent Mike Miller and up-and-coming guard Kyrie Irving, the Cavaliers would be a strong title contender, even without Wiggins and Bennett.

The Kevin Love trade rumors could also be pushed by another interested suitor. The Golden State Warriors have also expressed strong interest in bringing Love on board, but also balked at the initial demands of the Timberwolves. Sources said the Wolves demanded sharpshooter Klay Thompson, which the Warriors front office initially denied.

But new reports say that Thompson might be in play, making the Warriors a threat to Cleveland’s ability to trade for Love.

There are some around the league who believe that Minnesota is trying to play the Cavs and Warriors against each other in order to drive up the price for Love.

This has led to some reports that the Cavs and Warriors may back off, waiting for the season to start or for Minnesota’s asking price to drop. If that were to happen, the Kevin Love trade rumors could go on indefinitely.