UFC News: Floyd Mayweather Calls Ronda Rousey A Man, UFC President Dana White Responds

Floyd “Money” Mayweather recently took a shot at UFC’s Women’s Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey by proving that the boxing legend knows very little about mixed martial arts. In a video interview with David Greisman of BoxingScene.com, Mayweather was asked about fighting Rousey and he comes back with a witty retort.

Greisman: How about Ronda Rousey?

Mayweather: Actually, I don’t know who he is.

Greisman: That’s a woman. Dana White said Ronda Rousey could kick Floyd Mayweather’s a**.

Mayweather: I thought you were talking about… I don’t even know who that is (while laughing awkwardly).

Clearly, Mayweather was brought back to reality after seeing what the UFC President said about his golden girl and the world’s most popular active boxer. To frighten the average man, this isn’t the first time Rousey beat up men. In fact, two years ago in a movie theatre, Rousey beat up men in a melee. None of it was sanctioned.

White, who was a little late to the party, decided to comment back about the embarrassing situation Mayweather created for himself.

“What’s Floyd going to say? That’s a lose-lose situation for Floyd,” said White. For him to even acknowledge that he knows who Ronda is, and that she could possibly beat him in a fight, ya know, that’s what I’d expect him to say.”

The whole reason this situation came about was due to the UFC boss’ vibrato showing once again. Like you heard in the video, White actually said that Mayweather couldn’t compete with the UFC’s Women’s Bantamweight champion. The great thing about White is his resistance to tell the world how he feels. Instead of refusing to comment on situations, White actually does his job very well and reacts to instances the proper and common way.

Today’s bosses don’t know how to handle anything without going through a group of public relation counselors first. That’s simply an assumption based on logic, but take a look at Roger Goodell and Gary Bettman and see if the people appreciate them for their diligence and accountability.

While this problem goes over the head of the UFC, Rousey just finished off Alexis Davis in 16 seconds to retain her UFC Women’s Bantamweight championship for her fourth-consecutive title defense. After her dominance against Sarah Kaufman in her last Strikeforce appearance, the UFC promoted her to Women’s Bantamweight champion after the UFC opened up a women’s division.

Since then, she has defeated Liz Carmouche, Miesha Tate, Sara McMann, and Davis. Two of those victories were by armbar, one in the first round, and the others by TKO and KO, respectively.

To say Rousey isn’t dominating the UFC and mixed martial arts in general is an understatement. Eight out of 10 fights were won by armbar. For the critics telling Rousey she can’t knock anyone out, watch the Davis and McMann fight to be badly mistaken. She can strike with the best of them.

Since the UFC finally signed Gina Carano a few days ago, the dream matchup between Carano and Rousey may be done in December. When asked if that will be Carano’s first fight with the UFC, White simply said, “Ronda’s been very good to us, and if that’s the fight she wants, then I’m going to try to get it done.”

[Images via USA Today and rondarousey.net]

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