UFC News: Will UFC’s Biggest Match Of 2015 Be For The Women’s Bantamweight Championship?

UFC has been known to have some big fights. Obviously the company would like to make their big fights for major titles in their biggest divisions such as the Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Divisions. Obviously however, not everything can go that way. UFC realized this early on and has signed top fighters for all divisions. This is why they managed to catch our interest with every card they put out, as there is at least one match we look forward to seeing.

When Strikeforce was bought out by Zuffa, the owners of UFC, one of the biggest issues fans had was that we’d lose the cool stuff that Strikeforce brought that UFC did not. One of the biggest things they had was a Women’s Division. Fans loved having this division, as it was cool to see women go at it as much as the men. Also, it gave women a fight they could look forward to even if they had never really been fans of MMA in the past.

Similar to what Pro-Wrestling did when they instituted a female division decades back, this was done to expand an audience. Fights in Strikeforce were good for women, but one girl seemingly ruled over the division and was possibly one of the company’s biggest stars despite her limited appearances, her name is Gina Carano. After Strikeforce went down, Carano didn’t lose a beat and appeared in Hollywood for films such as Haywire and Fast and Furious 6.

Her star only keeps growing, but she obviously has shown interest in returning to her roots.

UFC brought in a female division, called the Women’s Bantamweight Division. Just like in Strikeforce, one main star has made themselves known, this time the name is Ronda Rousey. Ronda is one of the best female fighters in the world, and she might be able to give guys a run for their money too. Known for her impressive Judo and Submission game, Rousey made herself known as one of the best in the world and has managed to seal up a 10-0 record in her MMA career.

Carano actually has an impressive 12-1-1 MMA record, having and losing her final fight in 2009. Carano has not stepped into the Octagon to fight in 5 years, however she does want to return to the MMA world and Dana White of the UFC wants her to be with them badly if only for one fight. The issue according to Dana is that her Hollywood lawyer is slowing things down on getting a signing done.

Most expect the UFC and Carano’s group to come to an agreement on money and time.

The match UFC wants is Gina Carano vs Ronda Rousey for the Women’s Bantamweight Championship. While some women within the company don’t like that they are being passed over, Rousey has pretty much cleaned the division out and won almost all of her fights via tap out. Clearly she has the ability to do well against anyone she faces and has told the UFC she will fight on 24 hours notice. So it does not matter when the UFC wants to do this fight, Rousey is up for it.

The UFC will most likely have this fight take place by some point in 2015, at least that’s the hope. Keep in mind, due to Carano not having a fight in so long, she’d have to get back into fighting shape. Also, UFC could still have a big fight left with her potentially taking on rising star Holly Holm before 2014 let’s up.

UFC had to cancel their upcoming UFC 176 event, which hurt the product in my minds. If UFC can sign Carano, they can easily build up a big card for the beginning of 2015. Not only can they have the major women’s fight, but add another marquee match up or two. This would be helpful, as it would pay fans back for canceling an entire show really over one fight.

Due to the popularity of both women, UFC has a major money making fight with Carano and Rousey. While it may not be the draw that Brock Lesnar was able to bring in with Randy Couture and Frank Mir, it is potentially the biggest fight they can have right now due to the cross-over appeal of both women.

Carano may or may not win the fight, but if she did that would be huge for the company as it would be Ronda’s first loss and UFC would have another star. Plus Carano wouldn’t feel weird about fighting again knowing she beat the champion. If Ronda beats Gina, then the chances of another Carano fight may not be as high. This is not Pro-Wrestling where someone can come back, and win or lose, still win out in some way. This is MMA, and the UFC. The chances are almost 100% that Gina will have one fight in the UFC. Another fight however? That is up in the air.

Most feel she has a good chance. Rousey is weaker in her stand up game compared to Carano, who is relatively good there. Carano has a TKO and two KOs on her record for wins, where as Rousey’s game is to make everyone tap. So the two fighting styles alone are worth watching. UFC has a major fight here, and the build alone will be interesting to see. Now it’s just a waiting game, and we’re all patiently waiting.

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