Lindsey Vonn, Roger Federer Play Tennis On A Glacier In The Swiss Alps

Lindsey Vonn might be a champion in the sports world, but no one would have expected the ski racer to face Roger Federer in a game of tennis. On a glacier. In the Swiss Alps.

Federer invited Lindsey Vonn to Switzerland to challenge him in a game of tennis, which would be perched 3,454 meters above sea level at Jungfraujoch, according to ATP World Tour.

“It was very special. It was cool that Lindsey was to come here from Miami,” Federer said. “It was a really successful event and we had a good crowd. It’s a unique location in Switzerland. With the opening of the Lindt store, it is something special that you can buy such great chocolate in up in such a location.”

And what did Vonn think of the challenge?

“It was really fun,” she said. “It was a little bit difficult with the high altitude, but it was something I have never done before. I am in the snow a lot for skiing, but never to play tennis. Roger was not expecting me to be that good at tennis!”

The Alps might be familiar terrain for Vonn, who is a World Cup-winning Alpine ski racer, but she hasn’t proved much in the way of tennis. Swiss tennis champion Roger Federer, on the other hand, has proven himself many times — despite his recent loss at Wimbledon. So what’s this match all about? Does Federer want an easier opponent than Djokovic?

Well, the answer has three different parts, which all led to this single event.

First, the two are long-time friends, according to Fox Sports — and not to mention, Federer is also friends with Lindsey Vonn’s boyfriend, Tiger Woods. The two are often seen with each other in photos. So why not take a few on a glacier?

Vonn is also a known tennis fan and, more specifically, a Federer fan, who visited him at the London Olympics at Wimbledon, according to NBC Sports. She reportedly challenged Federer to a tennis (or golf) match last year if he’d hit the slopes with her.

Secondly, there was that enigmatic video of a Skype conversation between the Lindsey Vonn and Roger Federer.

“So what’s up? Why are you calling me?” Vonn asks after they exchange some small talk.

Federer gives her a hint of the upcoming glacial match by drawing Vonn a picture. The adolescent-like drawing shows the two standing on a mountain. Lindsey Vonn is still lost by the hint — and rightfully so. All he tells her to alleviate her confusion is it’s a challenge, the winner gets a piece of chocolate, and she might win.

Of course, she found out soon enough.

The third piece of this puzzle is a certain Swiss chocolate company: Lindt.

Was this really a challenge between friends? Or a marketing campaign by Lindt?

The user LindtChocolateWorld uploaded the Skype video, and Federer eats a Lindt chocolate in the video. And the video cameras, setup and money to back the challenge? Brought to you (well, brought to Vonn, Federer and pals) by Lindt.

Federer too has been a long-time ambassador for the company and even opened Lindt Swiss Chocolate Heaven, a themed chocolate shop on the Jungfraujoch near where the match took place, according to ATP World Tour.

“I never cease to be amazed by the great ideas Lindt comes up with,” Federer said. “Today, on the Jungfraujoch, was a real highlight for me.”

The question remains, though: Who the heck won?

[Photo by Gerwig Loffelholz]