Artist Creates Breathtakingly Beautiful Fairy Sculptures Dancing With Dandelions That Are A Must See [Photos]

These breathtakingly beautiful fairy sculptures dancing with dandelions, created by U.K.-based sculptor Robin Wight, are a must see as his incredible creations are captivating its viewers.

Created using different gauge galvanized or stainless wire, Wight credits a photograph he took while in the woods where the reflection of the light created a fairy type figure, which you can see below.

Having no issue going into deep detail regarding the creation of his wire fairies, Wight lays out the entire process on his website so that customers have a better understanding of the process of their wire fairy.

If you would like to contact Robin Wight about commissioning your own wire fairy, you can visit his website or Facebook to get in touch with him.

What do you think of these incredible wire fairy creations?

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[H/T Bored Panda]