Man Says His Mother Is ‘Too Ugly’ To Visit Grandchild: A Truly Sad Story

Ding Liang, 63, got up at 4.00 am and traveled five hours to visit her son with gifts for his new baby.

The Daily Mail reports that when she arrived in the city of Hangzhou in eastern China, she called her son, but he refused to answer his phone. She didn’t have his exact address and hung around all day hoping we would eventually answer.

But he didn’t, so she returned to her home in tears, carrying the gifts she had brought for her newborn grandchild. She claims that the reason he will not see her, or allow her to visit the baby, is the he thinks she is :too ugly.”

A local man, 53-year-old Hsin Pai, found in her this very distressed state, and was so shocked that he contacted the local TV station. Smelling a good human interest story, the station dispatched a reporter to interview her.

They were not disappointed with the result, as the mother recounted her sad story. She told them that she was from the village of Yuyao, which is in the same province as her son, but many hours away.

Her 32-year-old son was the only child she had been allowed to have under China’s strict “one-baby” policy rules. She had been proud of her son as he had done so well at school and had obtained a place at university.

Following his graduation, he moved to Hangzhou, found a good job, and got married. Unfortunately, at the wedding he became very embarrassed with his mother’s appearance, saying she dressed like a peasant. Since then, he had very little contact with her.

The mother told the interviewer:

“I don’t mind, I know he has his own life now, so I understand that he doesn’t call and only speaks to me when I ring him. But when he rang me the other day to say that he had had a baby, I wanted to visit him and bring my grandchild some gifts.

He told me not to come. He said I would embarrass him because I’m ‘too ugly.’”

However, she had decided to go anyway, against the advice of her husband. She said: “My husband told me not to come. I said our daughter-in-law has given birth, so I definitely must come, that I’ll bring some stuff to give them.”

After the interview, the TV station ran a program in which it was suggested that there may have been other issues between the mother and son.

But, they concluded that, whatever the issues, “when it comes to a mother who gave birth to a child and raised that child, what is there that cannot ultimately be tolerated or forgiven?”

As the old adage states, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” so is it possible for anyone to be too ugly to see their grandchild?

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