July 17, 2014
Candace Cameron Bure Defends Cleanse Choice Amid Harsh Criticism

Candace Cameron Bure is defending herself after she was hit with a great deal of criticism for mentioning she was going to do a cleanse. The former Full House star and recent Dancing With the Stars competitor definitely opened a can of worms on this one, as she has received both a lot of support and a ton of criticism.

The drama came about after Candace Cameron Bure posted a photo to Instagram noting that she was about to start a cleanse after an indulgent week in Napa. She noted that for five days she would have Paleta shakes for breakfast and lunch and incorporate "sensible snacks & a light veggie dinner!" Though nearly 8,000 followers "liked" the post, there were many who felt the need to criticize her as well.

It seems that much of the criticism came via Candace's post about the cleanse on her Facebook page. Comments quickly built up criticizing her for seemingly promoting a product, trying to be skinny, going an unhealthy route, and so on. She had a great deal of support from her followers, as more than 1 million people follow her page, but it is clear that the criticism took a toll on her. The third-place Dancing With the Stars finisher wrote a follow-up Facebook post that she hopes will clear the air a bit.

Candace Cameron Bure wrote that she is not trying to lose weight. Rather, she is trying to "get my body back on track, ridding [it of] all the toxins and unhealthy stuff I've put in it the last few months." She adds that since finishing DWTS, her body has "struggled to find its balance" after working so hard for the show and eating clean. She says that "summertime vacation eating" and a move away from her regular workout routine has her feeling the need for a reset.

The actress also mentions that there are some private, minor health issues that have led to her body having "some confusion," and she believes that the cleanse will help get things back on track again. She says that if people continue to criticize her for being unhealthy, she will know they didn't read the information she provided, and she won't be commenting.

While the cleanse concept is one that sparks many opinions, it does seem that some were being quite harsh toward the actress. Despite the criticism, Candace Cameron Bure's posts have been getting a lot of positive comments and likes, so hopefully the Full House star is feeling better about the situation that spun a wee bit out of control.

[Image via Buzz Sugar]