Liam Payne Apparently Wrote A Pretty Killer Dance Track

Liam Payne recently flexed his songwriting skills, a feat that ultimately resulted in what some folks claim is a pretty amazing dance track.

In case you haven't heard, One Direction is putting together new material for their next album. As such, Payne and his buddies are venturing into various studios to assemble a fresh batch of tasty musical treats for the masses. While Zayn Malik is exploring the far reaches of the hip-hop world, Liam is seemingly interested in populating the dance floor.

How does the world know that Liam Payne has penned a fairly wicked song? According to the eagle-eyed reporters atthe London Evening Standard, the singer recently shared this tidbit of information with his fans and followers on Instagram.

Payne explained:

"Just going to bed been studio written a pure banger for you guys who like dance more info to come."
Apparently, this is what a person looks like when they've finished penning a "banger" dance tune for One Direction fans. In short: Calm, cool, and collected.

Liam Payne and the One Direction boys are assembling some serious talent for their upcoming record. MTV News points out that one person who may contribute a tune or two to the new album is the one and only Ed Sheeran.

The singer-songwriter recently explained:

"I wrote a whole lot of songs that I gave to them that they are recording, so I don't know if they are making an album or anything, but they're there. It's completely different. One of them is a song I really wanted to put on my first album, but it was to stadium rock, so just expect stadium rock."
Liam Payne also spent some quality time with singer and über producer Pharrell Williams earlier this year. The Inquisitr previously reported that it's still unclear if Williams will end up collaborating with the fellas on their next endeavor. However, it's obvious that he's definitely open to the idea of working with them.Pharrell told Sugarscape:
"Liam stopped by my studio. I think he's just genuinely curious about music. We have that in common. He's always wanting to see what's new and what's next."
Are you anxious to hear the dance track Liam Payne cooked up in the studio? Do you think the song will find its way onto One Direction's next album?

[Lead image via Ace Showbiz]