July 17, 2014
Why Hasn't Casey Kasem Been Buried Yet And Why Have Two Autopsies Been Ordered?

The New York Daily News reports that entertainment industry legend Casey Kasem's body still has yet to be lain to rest. More than a month after his death, his body remains in the morgue after his wife ordered a private autopsy. This news comes amid family feuds over his care during the last days of his life. Allegedly, Kasem's daughter Kerri has accused her step mother of negligence and elder abuse, which has fueled Jean Kasem to order an autopsy be performed.

According to LA Times Jean had her husband Casey taken off life support and this did not bode well with his daughter Kerri. Despite a doctor's orders Jean unhooked him from his life support machines and loaded him up into a SUV in the middle of the night. Her movements have been described as suspicious by some.

Kerri Kasem is one of the people who believes that her father died at the hands of her step mother's poor care. She has petitioned the court to open a case against Jean Kasem. She claims that Jean "hastened his demise" by removing him from the nursing home where he was receiving care.

Casey Kasem had developed Lewy Body Disease and died from complications associated to this and sepsis from an infected bed sore. His last day was spent in St. Anthony Hospital in Gig Harbor, Wash. and he finally gave up his battle on June 15th, which happened to also be Father's Day.

Casey's daughter Kerri had previously petitioned to become her father's medical conservator when Jean reportedly closed off contact between Casey and his children, citing that having them around was creating a "toxic" environment. Kerri was granted conservatorship after a court-appointed attorney determined that Casey Kasem desired to see his children. A statement released by Kerri's attorney offered the following information:

Kerri, (her brother) Mike and Julie believe their efforts over the last month to take control of Casey's healthcare were well worth it. And the times they spent with him over the last couple weeks were very healing for him and for them.
An official state autopsy may be ordered in addition to the private one to make certain that results are unbiased. A source close to the coroner's office stated:
Investigators are working with Adult Protective Services, and they want an unbiased autopsy they can rely on.
Even though Kerri Kasem seems to be bitterly embattled with her step mother, who is Casey's second wife, she says that she has no plans on fighting her over her father's burial plans. Jean has legal right to his remains and hopefully his body will be laid to rest soon.

[Photo credit: Nuke the Fridge]