Canadian Jihadist, Andre Poulin, Plays ISIS HR Recruiter From Beyond The Grave (Video)

A Canadian citizen turned jihadist fighter, Andre Poulin, has come back from the dead via video to play recruiter for Islamic terrorist group ISIS as they continue efforts to take over Iraq and other areas of the Middle East.

As an ISIS version of a human resources representative, the Canadian jihadist, Andre Poulin, makes a pretty good pitch too, except that he was killed shortly thereafter and isn't really honest about his own background, according to the New York Times.

In the video, Poulin sits in a lovely grove of trees, the Canadian jihadist appearing young, fit and healthy in battle garb, with a machine gun slung over his shoulder. His message is on point, that he was just a normal, regular, run of the mill, everyday, Canadian kid with money and a job that loved camping, hockey, fishing and "went to the cottage in the summertime."

These facts established, Poulin further explains his Canadian jihadist transformation, and since he decided to go to the Middle East and fight along side ISIS, making wonderful new friends and colleagues, you can too!
"It's not like I was some social outcast, wasn't like I was some anarchist or somebody who just wants to destroy the world and kill everybody," says Poulin, the Canadian jihadist. "No, I was a regular person. And, mujahedeen are regular people, too!"
Canadian authorities, however, pull back the curtain on Poulin's description of himself being such a regular Canadian guy, his life being far different from that conjured up in the jihadi recruitment tape, which also includes idyllic scenes of a kid and family fishing in the beautiful Canadian countryside, all set to quaint, spiritual music.

Before becoming a Canadian jihadist, Poulin was learning how to build explosives online in his late teens and early 20s, according to a Canadian prosecutor. The real Poulin, Canadian jihadist to-be, also reportedly mulled life as an anarchist or a Communist, before converting to Islam and deciding to head east and join the jihadi fight.

Arrests and intense conflict with a Canadian Muslim couple with whom he lived, also peppered Poulin's pre-jihadist life.

Andre Poulin finishes his jihadi recruitment presentation by saying there's a role for everyone, that you'll be "really well taken care of", and that it's a wonderful trade of a basically worthless earthly life for of r the treasures and joy that follow a jihadist into death.

And the Canadian jihadist here shows his resolute belief and commitment to his message. As a new narrator takes over, we Poulin the Canadian jihadist charge into battle, dashing across an open field amongst screaming and chaos before an explosion fills the screen. Poulin is then seen, lifeless, while the narrator explains that he "surrendered his soul without hesitation."

While ISIS is against most all Western ideas and culture, one thing from the West they do embrace is social media, as reflected in this Andre Poulin as the Canadian jihadist recruitment video. In fact, the video was reportedly distributed by the propaganda arm of ISIS which has established quite a reputation for itself, experts who track jihadist materials saying they're the most "slick and aggressive media operation" in the Islamic world.

"Once ISIS expanded into Syria, it was forced to compete with a lot of jihadi groups, and it took the production of its media to a higher level than any other jihadi group had previously created," said militant website expert, Laith Alkhouri,. "It literally revolutionized how it produced, distributed and translated its message very quickly. The production value is very high."

Poulin the Canadian jihadist's video is titled, The Chosen Few of Different Lands. According to law enforcement officials from the U.S., Canada and Europe, such tools are quite effective, as foreign jihadists like Poulin, were inspired and recruited through chat rooms, email and text messages. Once a jihadist candidate, like the Canadian Poulin, is on board, jihadist groups arrange to get them to Syria and start militant training.

And even though he's now dead, the Canadian jihadist, Andre Poulin, looks like he will be recruiting for some time to come.

Image and video via Youtube