July 16, 2014
Kate Gosselin Forced Unwilling Kids To Take Alaskan Vacation With Sarah Palin, Book Claims

Kate Gosselin reportedly forced her unwilling kids to take an Alaskan vacation with Sarah Palin, a trip that had been orchestrated by TLC for the sake of further covering the already media-saturated family.

The allegation comes from a new tell-all book from author Robert Hoffman. In the book, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, Hoffman claims that Kate ignored pleas from her daughter Mady to stay home.

Hoffman wrote:

"Mady couldn't take it anymore and called Jon the night before, begging him to come and get her and take her back to his apartment. She absolutely did not want to go away for more filming, and especially not as far away as Alaska. I know this because I went to Kate's house that night with Jon to pick up Mady, and I heard the discussion between Jon and Kate – through the intercom at the gate."
But Kate Gosselin would not be deterred, Hoffman wrote, forcing her kids to go on vacation for the sake of her own television fame:
"Kate completely disregarded Jon's concerns about Mady and blew it off by saying that Mady was just tired and she didn't mean what she said. She, of course, managed to insult Jon several times during the exchange. This was at night, in the dark, with no paparazzi watching; it was just a loving father coming to get his unhappy daughter who had called him for help."
Hoffman claims that TLC knew about the family troubles but pushed ahead with filming anyway. Meanwhile, Mady can be seen sulking in video from the vacation and was even crying in the publicity photo, he notes.

The book dropped other bombshells, including the diva-like demands Kate Gosselin issued while traveling. Kate reportedly made detailed demands for what food her family would be served, including organic blueberries and ice cream after dinner.

While Kate Gosselin once fought Robert Hoffman on the release of the tell-all book --- which caused him to pull it off shelves shortly after releasing it in 2012 --- this time she plans no fight. Sources say Kate knows the allegations are "out there" now and not worth dredging up old news to contest in court.