Janet Jackson Celebrates Ramadan 2014 As A Muslim Just As Her Nipple Goes Viral

Janet Jackson is claimed to be celebrating Ramadan 2014 for the first time as a practicing Muslim, but in a case of very unfortunate timing talk about her nipple happens to be occurring in the same time frame due to the net neutrality debate.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when Michael Jackson’s hologram played in a live performance before audiences some members of the family made the effort to attend. Janet Jackson was not one of them, although she later posted messages to her fans saying how she regretted missing it due to her circumstances.

Now, Janet has been married to Qatari businessman Wissam Al Mana since 2012. Janet’s husband is a billionaire business tycoon, and his family owns “portions of several Saks Fifth Avenue stores throughout the Middle East. The family business also represents numerous well-known labels including Armani, Balenciaga, Cavalli, and Hermes.”

Earlier this year it was rumored that the marriage was not working and Janet Jackson’s divorce was around the corner:

“She confided to a few close friends and Katherine that she’s preparing to leave him… she’s begun calling friends at all hours crying and saying how miserable she is… Janet is getting set to challenge the prenup and demand a flat lump sum payout from his fortune.”

The couple prefers to keep their personal lives private, but this vicious rumor was enough to make them respond. Representatives confirmed they were “very happy and very much together” and there’s even talk of them adopting a child from Jordan or Syria.

When Janet joined the Al Mana family, it was presumed she converted to Islam in 2013 even though she was raised with a Christian background. She is not the first member of the Jackson family to make this decision. Jermaine Jackson became a Muslim in 1989 during a tour of the Middle East and he once said, “Having embraced Islam, I felt as if I were born again.”

Ramadan 2014 began on June 28 and continues through July 28. During this time, Muslims refrain from eating from sunrise to sundown and also abstain from sex. During this time the so-called nipplegate from the 2004 Super Bowl has once again come to light, which is fairly embarrassing considering Islam’s rules in relation to women and dress.

Besides the 10 year anniversary just passing, the reason this came up at all is because the Federal Communications Commission is currently allowing the public to comment on the proposed net neutrality ruling. The federal agency is trying to change the basic rules of how the internet operates, yet only about 677,000 Americans have complained while 1.4 million people were upset enough about Janet Jackson’s nipple that they contacted the FCC.

How do you feel about Janet Jackson and the so-called nipplegate now that it has been 10 years?

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